Her face reddened

One look at her and you would know she was up to something!
The impish grin, twinkle in her eyes.
With no one watching, the little girl popped the lollipop into her mouth and continued her hopscotch.
She jumped, turned around and faced her mother standing there.
She was caught and her face reddened!!



This fiction post is part of the Drabble Week in the group Marathon Bloggers Day 4.

Pet Peeve

They were watching the season finale of their favourite TV series.
He brought a bag of chips; he was hungry.
She was glued to the climax scene on screen, deathly silence in the room.
Then suddenly CRUNCHHH!! CRUNCH!! CRUNCH!!
UGGGHHH!! How she hated this sound.
She flung the bag of chips far away from him.


This fiction post is part of the Drabble Week in the group Marathon Bloggers Day 3.

His last wish

Ravi woke up to have a glass of water; heard the tinkle of breaking glass!
He froze.
With his heart thudding, he ran towards Ayesha’s room.
The intruder was standing at the top of the staircase. The bullet caught Ravi straight in the heart.
He wished he had said I love you, one last time!


This fiction post is part of the Drabble Week in the group Marathon Bloggers.

The broken promise

Then: He said “I will love you today, tomorrow and always.”
Now: he says “If you talk to me like THAT, I can’t stand it. I feel angry.”
What happened to all the promises of loving and caring?
When did the ego creep in? And why? Love ain’t enough?
Left with broken promises, she cried.


This fiction post is part of the Drabble Week in the group Marathon Bloggers.

She said & He Said

He said: Do you know how to make chappatis?
She said: Do you know how to fix a punctured tyre?
He said: There are mechanics for that!
She said: And there are cooks for THAT!

He said: Do you know how to make chappatis?
She said: Do you?

And they lived happily ever after!

Summer Diaries

The summer vacations have begun. Period. [I so felt like ending the post here as if that would say it all]

Yes! The much dreaded, by me, and much appreciated, by the brat, necessary part of life. Don’t ask me why I dread them because I don’t know. Maybe, because, for one, I am not very adept at what is called “keeping a kid occupied and busy”. I agree to the logic that it is not necessary to always do something. But like a friend said “After the 29th what-are-we-going-to-do-next OR I-am-getting-bored” I do feel the obligation and responsibility to do something for him, with him. Reason two might be that I suck at doing things together. It could be anything, painting, art and craft, pretend play, hide and seek, board games. I rely on external support to keep the kid off my head, like sending him to school, play dates, playing around in the play area, electronic media (yes we have fixed hours) amongst a few. So when school – the biggest contributor, is out of the game, I find it a challenge to keep the kid occupied. I am not saying it has to be a learning experience all the time. No. I just want the brat to do stuff on his own and use very little of the electronic media as possible. Those are my wishes.

I know I have self analyzed the situation towards the path that says “I need to be more active and involved as a parent aka change myself, if needed, and look for fun and happiness in doing things together!” Ughhh!

On a related but slightly different aspect, picture this. I wake up from an emotionally intense, vivid dream at 4:15 am this morning. Toss and turn and try to sleep some more. Unsuccessfully! And then decide to get up around 5:30 am. I am in the let-me-conquer-my-task-list-before-the-sun-rises kind of mood. I manage to just about make my to-do list and I hear the door to the home office open. The brat is up!
I look at my watch. 6:16 am. Seriously???

I am motivated enough to finance the research for “Why do kids wake up early during holidays and are not so eager to wake up on school days?”
I still manage to check off 3 items off my to do list, which is awesome, considering the situation. Then I decide to go with the flow. The brat and I go down for a walk. He takes his scooter along. During our conversations we decide to research about scientists this summer and make a scrapbook related to it. Now that is something I can do with the kid. I can also read – read with him, to him. Back to scientists – Not my suggestion or influence at all. The brat came up with that one. I tried to probe and check if that is something he really wanted to do and he sounds sure. Scientists it is!

Inspired by fellow blogger Shailaja’s summer project 73 (she has also collated and listed an impressive list of activities to do with your kids this summer), I have started putting pictures on Pinterest. We are going to try to do one new activity every day and journal the summer holidays via pictures.

On another side note, this is how I feel on other days. 🙂


Happy Holidays and Happy Ugadi, Gudi Padwa, Cheti Chand and Navratras! Festival bonanza today 🙂






Glimpses into my Real thoughts!!

You can’t do everything in life, coz there are so many things to do, see, read, go, try.

So. Narrow your focus. Narrow your focus. Narrow your focus!! 8 out of 10 internet articles suggest getting out there and doing something. But first. Narrow your focus!

I can only see the bed right now. Is that narrow enough??


I promise not to read any more articles, in print or on the device(s). Oh wait, before I keep the phone away, this one sounds interesting. Lemme just skim through this. Oh, here is a link to another one that is SO relevant to me. Lemme just finish this.

2.5 hrs later. Dang where did the day go!!


Day N-1 – I want to eat healthy, I want to stay fit, I want to look good, I want to do more, I want to make some money, I want to explore the world, I want to fly to the moon. So starting tomorrow I shall change my life and do all things new!

Day N – Who is going to go out and buy oats now? and from where? Lemme see what leftovers are there in the fridge for lunch.

Oops I forgot to run today. Maybe in the evening? 

If I can do only one thing to take care of myself, can I tend to my dry feet and cracked soles? 

Money money money, how do I get more of it honey? Don’t want to do what I studied for. Don’t know how to go about following my “passion” 


Wake up with commitment, not with your feelings says a motivational poster. Yes!!

If I listen to my feelings every morning I would be eating, reading, watching TV, sleeping. Repeat. On most days!!

That won’t really do much for me will it?