Her face reddened

One look at her and you would know she was up to something!
The impish grin, twinkle in her eyes.
With no one watching, the little girl popped the lollipop into her mouth and continued her hopscotch.
She jumped, turned around and faced her mother standing there.
She was caught and her face reddened!!



This fiction post is part of the Drabble Week in the group Marathon Bloggers Day 4.



The world is cold, harsh and selfish.

The roads are dark and lonely.

I wish I could be back at home.

Safe, secure and comfy.

Ma, pa, lil sis, I miss you all.

Wish I could fly home fast.

But tomorrow is another day, another beginning.

And that belief I shall hold in my heart.

55-er – Rain

They looked at each other. There was a hint of naughty and understanding too.

She jumped in the puddle. He smiled, giggled, laughed out loud.

They splashed water at each other. Walked in the rain holding hands. Tried to catch the raindrops in their palms.

He said “Maama lets go home and have warm dudu”.



My first attempt at a 55-er based on N and my jaunt into the rain today evening.