Who am I?

I am a book lover, an amateur photographer, a mother, a closet feminist, a blogger and a wannabe traveller.

I am lazy yet organized, a passionate perfectionist in some areas and a procrastinator in others.

I am an engineer by degree. I have worked in the IT industry and as a curator for an online marketplace.

I started blogging at Simz Corner which was a canvas for my thoughts, likes, dislikes, interests and feelings about raising my son, N. Along the way I decided to split my blog into 2 mainly because I wanted to demarcate the themes for each blog. As a result this blog was born. So Simz Corner mainly deals with decor – personal and inspired, photography (I am an amateur photographer who is trigger happy when given a camera), food and travel – it is a visual blog – so you’ll see a lot of pictures!!

Chips n Chutzpah caters to my other interest – writing. It holds stuff from my daily life, thoughts, opinions on everything under the bright blue sky and updates on raising N.

Hope you’ll enjoy reading both the blogs! I would love to hear what you have to say. So please leave your thoughts, suggestions and comments!!

Live life Queen size!!

~ Simran


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7 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Hi,
    We are an ecommerce venture in handicrafts. We are looking for blog writers who can help us in promoting our venture. Please let us know your contact details we can discuss.

  2. Hi, I am Anuradha. I see you are interested in books and lot of other things in life. Even I am a mother and make time for creative thoughts / activities. I and another girl are starting a Book Club and we are looking for like minded people. It will be great if you can come onboard. We’ll read a book and meet once a month to discuss it.
    This is my blog: http://anuradhaatitagain.blogspot.in/ and you can email me at anumiraji@gmail.com

  3. Hi Simran,
    First of all thank you for blogging about the Martin Farm. I hope you enjoyed your visit here. I’d just like to make a clarification, the farm is owned and Ossie and Marie Martin and is known as the Martin Farm. Gerry is their son and runs a conservation initiative called the Gerry Martin Project. People usually confuse the two so I’m writing in just to clarify that its two separate entities. Can you kindly make that correction in your post. Thanks! Also the contact number is 9856779666.
    I must say that you have an interesting blog and I went through a few of your posts. Do feel free to drop by the farm anytime, in fact we will be doing a lot of interesting workshops here in summer.
    Thanks again and look forward to having you over.
    on behalf of the Martin Farm

    P.s Sorry for writing in in the comments sections, could not find an email id.

  4. Hi Simran, Thank you for writing about The Martin Farm. I would like to request a small change to your tag ‘Gerry Martin Farm’. As Conan had mentioned The Farm is a separate entity. Could you please correct the tag to read as ‘The Martin Farm’. Have you been back to visit. Do let us know when you are here next.
    Fiona Martin

    • Sure Fiona. I did change the text in the blog post, forgot about the tag. Will do it now. We haven’t been back to visit yet but will do that soon and will definitely let you know when we do 🙂

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