Her face reddened

One look at her and you would know she was up to something!
The impish grin, twinkle in her eyes.
With no one watching, the little girl popped the lollipop into her mouth and continued her hopscotch.
She jumped, turned around and faced her mother standing there.
She was caught and her face reddened!!



This fiction post is part of the Drabble Week in the group Marathon Bloggers Day 4.


She said & He Said

He said: Do you know how to make chappatis?
She said: Do you know how to fix a punctured tyre?
He said: There are mechanics for that!
She said: And there are cooks for THAT!

He said: Do you know how to make chappatis?
She said: Do you?

And they lived happily ever after!


He looked around to find her.

She was behind the curtain.

He could see her silhouette in the glow of the lamp.

She was fidgeting with the button of her dress.

He crept up quietly to the door and locked it.

He heard her giggle.

He started walking to where she was, an anxious and eager smile on his face.

She put the cushions aside to make some place for him.

He took off his slippers by the side of the bed.

She filled his glass from the bottle.

He looked at what was in front of him, his eyes wide open with excitement.

She said “Shhhh” , put a finger on her lips and pulled him down.

He lunged at the red packet of chips, his favourite. She could have the yellow!

They giggled, and sat down to watch their favorite cartoon on the laptop, with juice and chips.

Hidden in the store-room so that mommy couldn’t spot them eating all that junk!


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It was raining outside, the droplets were crashing onto the window and then sliding down effortlessly.

She looked at him. He was sleeping. The room silent except for the monotonous mechanical whirring of the fan overhead.

He turned onto his back, she smiled. She loved looking at him, his face, his eyes – full of mystery and passion, they were her favorite part and she would linger on them, the longest. He scratched the 1-day-stubble while sleeping. She smiled again, and touched his cheeks. His lips curved into a smile, the kinds that caused wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, but he didn’t open his eyes. She moved her fingers through his hair then her hands moved down to his neck and then the taut shoulders and chest. She put her head down on his chest. He wrapped his loose arm around her, kissed on her forehead.

He opened his eyes and they looked at each other…. they didn’t need to say it in words!