Summer Diaries

The summer vacations have begun. Period. [I so felt like ending the post here as if that would say it all]

Yes! The much dreaded, by me, and much appreciated, by the brat, necessary part of life. Don’t ask me why I dread them because I don’t know. Maybe, because, for one, I am not very adept at what is called “keeping a kid occupied and busy”. I agree to the logic that it is not necessary to always do something. But like a friend said “After the 29th what-are-we-going-to-do-next OR I-am-getting-bored” I do feel the obligation and responsibility to do something for him, with him. Reason two might be that I suck at doing things together. It could be anything, painting, art and craft, pretend play, hide and seek, board games. I rely on external support to keep the kid off my head, like sending him to school, play dates, playing around in the play area, electronic media (yes we have fixed hours) amongst a few. So when school – the biggest contributor, is out of the game, I find it a challenge to keep the kid occupied. I am not saying it has to be a learning experience all the time. No. I just want the brat to do stuff on his own and use very little of the electronic media as possible. Those are my wishes.

I know I have self analyzed the situation towards the path that says “I need to be more active and involved as a parent aka change myself, if needed, and look for fun and happiness in doing things together!” Ughhh!

On a related but slightly different aspect, picture this. I wake up from an emotionally intense, vivid dream at 4:15 am this morning. Toss and turn and try to sleep some more. Unsuccessfully! And then decide to get up around 5:30 am. I am in the let-me-conquer-my-task-list-before-the-sun-rises kind of mood. I manage to just about make my to-do list and I hear the door to the home office open. The brat is up!
I look at my watch. 6:16 am. Seriously???

I am motivated enough to finance the research for “Why do kids wake up early during holidays and are not so eager to wake up on school days?”
I still manage to check off 3 items off my to do list, which is awesome, considering the situation. Then I decide to go with the flow. The brat and I go down for a walk. He takes his scooter along. During our conversations we decide to research about scientists this summer and make a scrapbook related to it. Now that is something I can do with the kid. I can also read – read with him, to him. Back to scientists – Not my suggestion or influence at all. The brat came up with that one. I tried to probe and check if that is something he really wanted to do and he sounds sure. Scientists it is!

Inspired by fellow blogger Shailaja’s summer project 73 (she has also collated and listed an impressive list of activities to do with your kids this summer), I have started putting pictures on Pinterest. We are going to try to do one new activity every day and journal the summer holidays via pictures.

On another side note, this is how I feel on other days. 🙂


Happy Holidays and Happy Ugadi, Gudi Padwa, Cheti Chand and Navratras! Festival bonanza today 🙂







6 thoughts on “Summer Diaries

  1. What an interesting idea!! Scientists! Trust them to come up with something creative 🙂 Good going, Simran. And thanks for the mention 🙂 Looking forward to the Pinterest updates.

    • Thank you Shailaja for creating that lovely list of activities. I have bookmarked that post of yours 😉 Will need it over the holidays I guess.

  2. I have been lazy and reading your blogs in my mailbox, but this one has roused me and made me hop over to comment as well :P. That second paragraph Simran, OMG you have written about just how I feel in this area as well!!! Needless to say, I’m glad to know I’m not the only mom who finds it an effort to plan stuff out and keeps kids occupied ;). Happy Summer to you!

    • Ha ha ha! I do the same most of the time Aparna. Read the blogs i follow in my mail box and go yeah, wow, nice. Just don’t get time to hop over and comment 🙂 But sometimes I do that too! Faith and support in numbers works, lol! Happy Holidays to you and the kids too!!

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