Glimpses into my Real thoughts!!

You can’t do everything in life, coz there are so many things to do, see, read, go, try.

So. Narrow your focus. Narrow your focus. Narrow your focus!! 8 out of 10 internet articles suggest getting out there and doing something. But first. Narrow your focus!

I can only see the bed right now. Is that narrow enough??


I promise not to read any more articles, in print or on the device(s). Oh wait, before I keep the phone away, this one sounds interesting. Lemme just skim through this. Oh, here is a link to another one that is SO relevant to me. Lemme just finish this.

2.5 hrs later. Dang where did the day go!!


Day N-1 – I want to eat healthy, I want to stay fit, I want to look good, I want to do more, I want to make some money, I want to explore the world, I want to fly to the moon. So starting tomorrow I shall change my life and do all things new!

Day N – Who is going to go out and buy oats now? and from where? Lemme see what leftovers are there in the fridge for lunch.

Oops I forgot to run today. Maybe in the evening? 

If I can do only one thing to take care of myself, can I tend to my dry feet and cracked soles? 

Money money money, how do I get more of it honey? Don’t want to do what I studied for. Don’t know how to go about following my “passion” 


Wake up with commitment, not with your feelings says a motivational poster. Yes!!

If I listen to my feelings every morning I would be eating, reading, watching TV, sleeping. Repeat. On most days!!

That won’t really do much for me will it?




10 thoughts on “Glimpses into my Real thoughts!!

  1. Oh, Simran, you spoke my mind for most part…sigh! I want to make money, stay fit and see the world too…and yes, if you get any help about how to follow your passion, do give me a shout out…
    psst…I also need help in figuring out what exactly is my passion 😉

    • LOL Yes Uma, will do 🙂 I am still in those stages of figuring-out-my-passion. You think we should go meet one of those life coaches or people who help us figure out what career works best for us??

  2. Ohh soooo true…..(A big grin). I feel you just penned down my thoughts. I swear, I too keep thinking n thinking and reading n reading and the day just flies by. Money, work, travel being fit, are all on top of mind but unable to figure out a way to focus and actually pursue my passion and live my dream life. I do hope we all get there soon . All the best Simran.

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