To do or not to do!

I am stuck at a point where I want to choose one of the 2 options I have regarding a certain some-thing.
I am not able to decide and have been pondering over it for quite some time.
The heart or the head is not giving any hints or leaning in any direction. Neither is the universe!
Does that happen to you? Stuck in an impasse?

Just then I came across this pic on FB (again! I know I am a social media addict!).
Hmmm so is this the sign the universe is sending?Β Maybe!

To do or not to do!



12 thoughts on “To do or not to do!

  1. Hmmm..maybe. Change the direction and think of a third option, it could work out. Sometimes, we have a certain idea in mind and close out our options in other areas. Try brainstorming and opening out the unexplored. You might get your answer πŸ™‚

  2. Hey Simran,
    Yes it happens with most of us,and more because we think too much of the options.So,what I do is stop thinking about it for a day(if I have that much time)and then start to rethink about it the next day with a fresh mind.I get the answer.
    If that doesn’t work,you should speak to someone whom I am close to .And I surely find a way out.And then am in a better position to decide.

  3. oh my gosh, Simran… you kind of hit the nail on the head (my head) – am in the throes of one such decision. Now a third choice – to not choose any of the 2????

  4. I agree with Pallavi! Sometimes, when I’m in a real crux, I make a list of pros and cons for both options. By the time I’m done with it, I know which side my heart is leaning on.

    • True Achala! The listing down and seeing it in front of you really helps at times. And yet at other times the heart decided it all for you πŸ™‚

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