The simple pleasures of life!

I got up today while the husband and the kid were still sleeping. Looked around the apartment and saw suitcases, big black trash bags holding stuff other than trash and a few heaps of laundry piled up. We are packing for a move, across countries, yet again.
It was quiet in the house. My tummy was rumbling. I walked out to grab a coffee and muffin from the tiny yet fully functional hole-in-the-wall coffee place just as I walk out of our building. I wonder if I will do that again some time soon. The coffee was heavenly and the day started on a good note. I had started one more round of laundry, folded the previous set, was done with my day’s social media catching up and had my breakfast. Ah the simple pleasures of life!

Last night I swore not to move again, no across cities, across countries moving. I want to settle down in one place and have a base. Packing for trips and holidays is just fine 😉

But like I say and believe “Never say never”. I think I will be ok if I have to move again. This particular move has imparted its share of learnings though.

1. Prioritization – The move to and from New Zealand has resulted in a whole lot of prioritizing. It ranged from things like which clothes to carry, how many shoes, what accessories, which books to what to leave behind in storage, what to donate, what to discard, what needs to be sold, what needs to be done first and last! It has forced me to see what actually figures on the top of my list compared to what I thought would.

2. Emotional detachment – The above process also resulted in breaking those bonds of emotional attachment to that dress that you love but haven’t worn in a year or more! It also taught me that everybody has varying degrees of emotional attachment. I was cool and emotionally unperturbed about giving away or selling furniture from my Bangalore apartment but my mother and my mother-in-law were a little concerned and asked me if it really did not bother me parting with all that stuff! 🙂

3. Sorting – My sorting abilities have definitely improved. When one does the exercise of keep, throw, donate for every material thing that they own, twice in 8 months it is bound to do some good in the related part of the brain. I guess! I wish I could do that for my emotional clutter too. Keep the happy memories and throw the sad ones.

4. De clutter and donate – S and I were discussing that we have cleaned out closets and donated stuff more than ever in our life time. If not for this move we would still have a lot of random junk that we did not use, wear or like! A lot of cleansing up and feel-good has happened. Of course the cleaner, less crowded closet shelves have prompted a few shopping sprees also. But I am also doing what I learnt from my mil, “When you buy 1 of something new, give away 2 of something old.” Try that, eh?

Life is nice. It is not all smooth, perfect and happy always but it is nice. I could ask for a li’l bit of this and that. But while I sip my mocha, looking out at some lovely downtown landscape through ceiling to floor glass windows it seems just fine in the big picture!


Day 12 – Shopaholic malfunction!

I headed out of the house armed with a 10 point shopping list.

I got back home with a pack of disposable razors and chewing gum.

After about 5 hours of walking around, browsing and talking to myself. SERIOUSLY???

What had happened to the shopaholic in me? I was a good shopper, the perfect one, every retailer’s dream come true!

I used to make huge lists, scan through things in all the aisles and shortlist them, check reviews, try clothes out, buy mix-n-match accessories, throw in that gimmicky, shiny stuff from the check out aisles at the last-minute thus making every store layout designer’s prophecy come true!

What happened to me today?

Every store, I walked into, was overwhelming. There were too many choices, too many distractions.

I found what was on my list but it had so many variations, so many colours, so many sizes.

I stopped after 4 stores. I thought maybe food would help.

I went into a cafe and looked at the menu. I went blank again. The server came and asked me if I was ready to order. I looked up  and smiled. She said she would be back in a few minutes. I stared at the menu for a full 5 minutes, maybe 6. I couldn’t decide what to eat.

It is a simple thing right, choosing what to eat? But it wasn’t. I could feel tears welling up. WTH. I walked out of the cafe and came back home.

Browsing and blogging felt safer!

I guess it was my hormones playing a trick or a my brain’s shopping circuitry got rewired or maybe a severe case of mommy brains as Rohini mentions!

PS – This post is part of the Marathon Blogging December 2012

PPS – This is my 100th post on this blog! Yay!!