Teething issues

It is 4:45 am. My alarm rings for me to get up for the Wednesday group workout. 

I shut off the alarm, turn over and close my eyes for a few seconds. Open them again and it is 4:56. Got to go. 

Need to find my slippers. There is a splash as I swing my feet off the bed, onto the floor.

Yes, you heard it right. SPLASH! As in water – splash. “Where am I?” was the first thought. Dreaming? Maybe. I open my eyes – was on autopilot so far. Turn on the light and look down. 

Water! On the floor, under the side table, under the bed, everywhere! About 3 inches. Almost as tall as my index finger. The initial reaction of shock, how?, what??, WTF!!! came in a few milliseconds. 

I stood up, walked around the bed and saw the whole room had water, except the walk-in wardrobe area. Thank God for slopes. 

Opened the door to the terrace. Was welcomed by a swimming pool. You ask, “Was that a part of the design with the contractor?” NOOO! It wasn’t. It was supposed to be just a regular terrace. Scanned the area to look for the trouble maker. 

Aha! The drain opening was blocked by something. Went closer to it. saw something, but couldn’t figure out in the dark. Went back to turn the light on and boom, the lights go off. The rest of the complex looked all nice and brightly lit. So must have been a trip at our end. Trudged through the dirty water, woke up the husband who was groggy after a late night at work. Explained the situation to him in the dark. 

Went down the stairs, pulled up pyjamas in one hand and the iphone-cum-torch in the other. 

Turned the tripped switch on. Light!! Took a broom, mop and wipers. The husband was off the bed and surveying the damage. 

Then we both set to work. Cleared the block in front of the drain. Then to the bedroom – me on all fours, mopping cloth in hand, squeezing water into a bucket. Him behind me using the broom and the wiper. Could be a role play scene from a la 50 shades of Grey I tell you! But it wasn’t. Now shake that visual off from your head and get back to the seriousness of the situation. 

We mopped and we wiped and we dried. Phew! After about 1.5 hours the room looked dry, the terrace almost dry and the 2 of us wet and tired. 

Turned the fans on and went back to bed. 

So much for a duplex, penthouse, new construction.

What has to happen, will anyways happen!

The positive side – The husband and I saw the sunrise, one hand in hand, the other holding buckets and brooms. Was lovely! 🙂 

#The simple pleasures of life and settling into a new place.