N speak latest

N: Mumma when will daddy come home? I miss daddy. I miss him a lot.

Me: hmm I miss him too sometimes. He will be back soon [from the office].

N: But I know he is working hard. For us, his family! He is working very hard so that we have money to have fun.

Me: Umm hmm

N: Like I am working hard……. for my school, for Bangalore, for India!! [Now where did that come from??] We all are working so hard. It is good to work hard. Hard working people………..zzzzzzzzzz

That completes our just-before-sleep lecture!


N: Mamma I am writing my ABCs and I forgot how to write B. Can you come and help me?

Me: N I am in the middle of something. I will finish it and come. Can you please wait?

N: I can, but I don’t want to. [What??? Why??? Ok whatever. Fair enough]

Me: Hmm. You can ask Naani [grandmother].

N: [Wide eyed, I-don’t-believe-this look] Naani knows ABCD!! Cool!!



N’s first self dictated story

Once upon a time there was a tiger. He was walking, then a hunter came, then he started to run. Then the hunter caught him.

Then a rat came and got the net and bit the net.



N was sitting in his daadu’s (grandfather) lap in the balcony. Both of them were enjoying the views of night lights.

Daadu to N: I am sorry that you got hurt today [The kid had scraped himself at a couple of places while riding his scooter in the evening, with daadu supervising him].

N: Why are you sorry daadu? How is it your fault? You did tell me to stop and go slow. Don’t worry, I will be fine soon.

Daadu smiling, mommy smiling too 🙂