Day 26 – Daily list of Happiness!

In Pursuit of More is a blog I follow. Shira is a lovely lady who cooks really yummy food and runs a non-profit called Not So Fast. She has a beautiful blog and I love the pictures and quotes she puts up. One of my favorites is “More compassion. More acceptance. More middle ground.”. This could apply to all fields of life!!

One of her recent posts was about her daily bits of happiness. It is a beautiful read and it prompted me to write my own list of things that make me happy every day.

1. When I get up before my son wakes up and spend some time chatting with my husband about our plans for the day or about what’s going on in our current fave reality TV show or anything else under the sun.

2. A pit stop at my fave coffee haunt here in Wellington and catching up on the day’s news in the local paper.

3. Having some simple and flavourful food when I am really hungry (this one I share with Shira).

4. Getting my social media dose for the day.

5. Sorting or clearing something and getting rid of clutter.

6. Ironing clothes while watching TV – it does bring me peace of mind.

7. Talking to my mom and my sister. They complete my day. Love you both!!

8. Cooking a fresh pasta with veggies, olive oil and garlic. I love making and eating that.

9. Story time before I put my son to bed. I think I enjoy reading out the stories and discussing new things we discover, more than N.

10. My son’s genuine hearty giggles or laughs. They are so infectious and always always bring a smile to my face 🙂

11. Catching up with a friend via phone or in person. Friends are like therapy and we all need some!

12. Some music before I go to bed while I read an interesting book. I like discovering new songs and new kinds of music.

I should do one or more of these to keep my happiness quotient high for the day.

What’s on your daily list of happiness? Are you able to do any or some of them daily? Why not?


This post is part of the Marathon Blogging December 2012.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

Weekly Photo Challenge: Thankful

This day, this week, this year, I am thankful for all the love received from friends; for the warmth and affection from acquaintances and strangers at new places; for the chance to help people in need and the gratitude received in return; for family dinners and the love spread through sharing food; for a roof over my head; for loved ones in my life and for the fact that I have something to look forward to!

Bringing up N!

So the kiddo knows the 6 friends from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, their names and even laughs at some of the jokes in the sitcom.

S and I have seen the soap multiple times and are watching a re-run of it. N watches it with us sometimes. His favorite characters are Joey and Ross in that order 😀

S and I are breathing a sigh of relief! Our kid is on the right path in life. He knows how to laugh his heart out and has good taste!!


N: I am frustrated mamma.

Me: A little perplexed and slightly clueless “What happened?”

N: Wait, I know what to do. Stop. Breathe. And think.

Me: Wow! Did your teacher teach you that?

N: Nah. I saw it on TV yesterday, in Bubble Guppies.

Me (thinking): Thank God, TV does some good too!


N: Here you go mamma, you can colour with me using your favourite colour.

Me: My fav is not pink, it is orange. What made you think it was pink?

N (indignantly): You are a girl and girls love pink. It is their fav colour!!

Me (thinking): Hey! Thats gender stereotyping!

Me (saying): Sweetheart, girls do not have to love pink and boys don’t have to love blue! Anybody can choose any colour as their fav.

N: But XYZ (from school) is a girl and she wears pink allllll the time. It is her favorite!

Sigh! Now I need to teach  a 4 year old not to generalize on top of not stereotyping. I wonder how we learnt all that we know…