Days 1, 2 and 3 of Learning-something-new-week

Day 1 – For the first day of my “Learn-something-new-everyday-for-a-week I learnt how to make Bengali Style Aloo Dum. Got the recipe from Archana’s Kitchen. It turned out to be a yummy dish. I added some boiled eggs to it to up the protein level.

Day 2 – I learnt the secret to get leaner legs and a firm butt in 8 minutes a day!! 😉 I swear! Read an article in a magazine for a 8 minute workout every day which will ensure leaner, fitter legs and a firm bum. Now only if I can stick to it and make it part of the routine :p

Day 3 – I learnt how to make rosemary and garlic flavored potatoes and onions. I cut the onion into quarters, chopped the potato into thin rounds with the skin on to get as many vitamins as possible. Put them onto a baking tray, drizzled some EVOO, some dried rosemary, chopped garlic and some sea salt flakes. Baked them in the oven followed by some grilling. Simple and super fast to satisfy that comfort food craving and avoid the fried food trap. Yumm!

Lets see what more I learn in the next 4 days!

The weekend is almost here, can you feel it??