Child Sexual Abuse – an online questionnaire. Please fill in.

2 days back I received an email from Shruti who is a student of design at Srishti School Of Art, Design & Technology in Bangalore. She is currently busy with her diploma (final dissertation) project. The project is aimed at “protection of children from child sexual abuse”.

She says “After preliminary research I have found that not all Indian parents are aware of how to empower and safeguard their children. As part of my research, I have constructed a questionnaire I would like for you to fill out. 

Your responses will help me validate my enquiry. And I could end up designing any of the following:

A manual for parents who want to talk to their child about body safety rules.
A storybook that a parent reads to their child.
It could even be material that talks to parents on why it is important to talk about this issue. (as there is such a strong social stigma attached to this topic) 

(this questionnaire is anonymous, and you do not have to fill your name).”

Child Sexual Abuse is something people normally tend to brush under the carpet or not think about. BUT it DOES happen and could happen anywhere, to any child.

I filled the questionnaire. It takes 5 minutes. Please fill the survey in and as Shruti says “let’s work together in safeguarding and empowering our children to become stronger individuals.”

What do you think? I would love to know.

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