I ran 10 kms for the first time ever!!!

Recorded my stats (to track future performances), learnt a life lesson, broke a mental barrier and made a new goal.

Yay!! I did it. This past Saturday was my first ever 10K run. At the beginning of my training program with Runner’s High (RH) if someone had asked me if I thought I could do a 10K run, I would have probably said a very emphatic NO! If you have read my previous posts on running and my progress, you would know I was skeptical about it.

I had this mental barrier which stopped me from believing that I could run 10 kms non stop, except the food, water pit stop breaks and a few walking intervals as needed. But now I am a believer, both in the process, training and methodology followed by RH and in the fact that anybody can do it. All you have to do is follow the schedule, give your 100%, have a commitment and some passion. It works!!

Note: This doesn’t mean that one can’t do it on their own. I know of SO many people who train on their own and are awesome runners. I personally feel more motivated in a group with guidelines, schedules etc.

The run itself went by great. I was mentally and physically prepared. Had a good dinner the night before – carbs, protein and fat. The morning of the run had 2 small bananas and a peanut butter and jam sandwich 30 to 45 mins before the run. Started off with some music and turned my Sportstracker on. Ran non stop for the 1st 2 kms. Then walked for 2 mins. Ran non stop for the next 2 kms. Reached the pit stop. Had a banana. Walked for 2 mins. Ran for 2 more kms. Walked for 3 mins. Ran the next 2 kms. So the first 8 k  was easy and went by without much fuss. No aches, pains or fatigue. After the 8th km, I decided to amp up my pace to a higher pace than what I normally run at. I wanted to finish strong and fast. That’s where I went wrong. I could not sustain the fast pace for too long and felt out of breath in the 9th km. slowed down, walked a bit, caught my breath back. Ran again and finished the 10K. Not exactly the way I would have liked to but nonetheless it felt good!

Looking back in hindsight I would have never imagined myself running a 10K. Have always been at an average fitness level.  So doing this was a milestone for me. A personal achievement and will be a happy memory 🙂

I follow a runner via her FB page Life in the day of a runner and she says

I know there’s this idea that the “faster we are, the better we are.” Is speed really what defines you as a “good runner?” If you’re FAST, why then you are a great runner. And well, if you’re SLOW….. uh… not so much.

Well, what is FAST? For that matter, what is SLOW? Who defines what is slow and what is fast? I’ll tell you who defines it: YOU. ONLY YOU. There will ALWAYS be someone who is faster than you and someone who is slower than you. If you are giving 100% EVERY time you get out there on a training run or in a race, then you are going at just the right speed.

Read this after my run and it was so apt. Made me smile 🙂


Image courtesy – Running on the fly

The run also reinforced the life lesson that whatever you do in life do it for yourself or because of your likes and beliefs. Don’t do it because you think someone else will like it, appreciate it, admire you for it and similar sentiments. If people do that, it’s great. But if they don’t and you had pinned your hopes and happiness on it then you are in for a disappointment. I am not being cynical, just practical.

Run, walk, paint, sing, dance, work, not work, eat less, eat more, cook, play – do whatever – IF you want to and IF you like it!

My takeaway goal from this 10K, is to do a time goal 10K in the next season when I join RH. I am inspired and hooked to running now and want to work on improving my pace. But one step at a time. I love journeys, destinations will happen on their own 🙂

Enough gyaan baantna (knowledge sharing)! Here are my stats from my 1st 10K. Capturing them here for my personal record keeping.

10k run

Have a great week and stay fit and fabulous!!


8 thoughts on “I ran 10 kms for the first time ever!!!

  1. Good going Buddy… My Flying Runner buddy, you did an awesome timing and an awesome run by beating all your thoughts back there in your mind. Good luck and many more runs to go. Bhaag Simran Bhaag… Tera Rahul (Good Friend) train rok ke khada hai 😉

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