Fast. Free. Fly. Run.

I had a long run this past weekend. Saturday was 6K. I did a run/walk combination of 2 min run/3 min walk. The initial 2 rounds of running were at easy pace, slow jog types. That hill I always have to cross, once I do this initial phase slow and steady then I feel more power in the remainder of the run.

For the first time I felt that I could run at a faster pace than my normal “easy run/jog”. Even though I couldn’t continue the pace for the full 2 min stretch but it felt great. That is how I want to run eventually. Free, fast, flying-like!

I envy people with long strides, fast pace, long legs, and strong lungs! I see them running past me during the training sessions. I hope to run like them some day.

Sunday was a 3K in a lovely place – lots of greenery, wild greens growing all over. I could hear birds chirping and the wind blowing through trees. I did the 1K warm up run non stop and then the foot drills were smoother too. Less gasping for breath especially after the high knees 🙂 The post run stretches and strengthening were great. I do the strengthening on Tuesdays and Thursdays too. And am totally liking what it is doing to my abs. Fit into one lower dress size after a long long time 🙂

I still have this nag in my head of not being able to run all the distance. Our coaches say walking is important. It helps you run faster in fact.

I say, why would you call it running then? Would be walk and run, isn’t it? I understand breaks like a water stop or snack break but not the stage I am in right now. I feel my stamina is very less compared to a lot of others in my running group. Again, no comparison needed. But the thought sometimes just pops up!

I am doing what it takes, following the schedule to a T, showing up for all sessions, doing the self runs and cross training. And I assume that all this will help me improve as a runner. I am enjoying what I am doing and that’s what matters in the end 🙂

Happy Tuesday people. Have a good rest of the week. And stay fab and stay fit!!




2 thoughts on “Fast. Free. Fly. Run.

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