Why am I doing this?

The alarm rang. I searched for the phone under my pillow to switch it off. Fumbled for a few seconds then got the OK button. Looked at the time. It said 5:00 AM. For a few milliseconds I wondered why did I set it up for 5 am? Then it struck me today was Wednesday, I was supposed to go for the mid-week run practice. The only weekday on which the Runner’s High group meets at 4 pre-decided locations in the city. We do a quality work out to improve our gait, strength and running form.

I got off the bed, picked up the clothes I had laid out the night before. Because I knew I would be too dazed in the morning to go looking around for stuff.  It was silent in the house, almost dark and a bit eery out there. As I was tying my shoe laces, I thought “Why am I doing this? Why?” No answer came. I paused then decided to just go ahead with the flow and do it. I am not going to ask why coz I already did that exercise earlier. Something good will come out of it – a learning, the joy of a new experience, a healthy body. Whatever.

I picked up my jacket and left. Came back 2 hours later and was feeling great! 🙂

The drills, the run, the stretches, the people, the coaches, the early morning weather, the feeling of getting out there and doing something, the way the body felt after all that exercise, the pain, it was all good. I thrive off meeting people, doing something new and exploring the world and people one bit at a time. This experience was giving me all that and more.


Run! (Photo credit: steve.garner32)

So far so good. I will capture my thoughts and feelings as I go along. The real thing, not just the end result.

Have an awesome day!!


4 thoughts on “Why am I doing this?

  1. Worth it, the accomplishment of that run, actually physically pushing yourself through it is prize enough. Yeah, you’ll get to the finish line – one step ahead of the last does that, the journey is fun!

    • Swati, I had been thinking about it for about a year, went to NZ and came back and then joined. Just needed that push which came in the form of a friend enjoying running and her training with RH 🙂 It is nice, jump in!!

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