No. No? No! Nooooooo

In this age of live healthy, eat healthy, do good, be good, breathe deeply, exercise and the likes, I shouldn’t be doing any of the things mentioned below; ideally, but then the articles linked to, say otherwise.

– No egg yolks. But this here says they are good!

– No nuts coz they have fat! But this here says the fats are the good, heart-healthy unsaturated kinds.

– No other oil except olive oil. But this here says olive is good only when used cold, else use canola.

– No alcohol. But this here says “Moderate amounts of alcohol raise levels of high-density lipoprotein (HDL, or “good” cholesterol)”.

– No bread. But this here says “Bread products can be the foundation of a healthy, low-fat diet.”


What should I believe in? How do you choose? Gut feel, trust the source, learn from friends and family’s experiences?


This post is a part of the Blog-a-Prompt week at Marathon Blogging. Today’s prompt is No.




9 thoughts on “No. No? No! Nooooooo

  1. Teehee I can’t resist adding that Canola if sourced from the US may be of GM origin ;).. I can so relate to this post of yours, keep zigging and zagging over similar choices and keep capitulating when convenient :).. I think that’s the only way to remain a bit sane!

    • Ha ha! Aparna I end up being confused most of the times and then stick to stuff I grew up with and whatever seems healthy AND convenient. Moderation is the key however, IMO 🙂

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