Where art thou O Monday?

Monday O Monday

Where art thou?

I have missed you for a long time now

You seem better than any other day!

Sunday evenings don’t make me gloomy anymore

I don’t hit the snooze button on Monday mornings

And yet I miss getting dressed and going to work

Those endless cups of coffee, those meetings (which secretly were a bore)!

Monday blues are a thing of the past

For me all days of the week are the same

I don’t feel like staying under the blanket on a Monday morning

My life is a perpetual vacation at last!

Isn’t this what I so wanted?

A break from my busy life

To send quality time with the kid

But why then do I feel so tired and jaded?

Maybe it is time to embrace Monday again

To step out, drive down, a lady with a mission

Work life balance, deadlines and goals

I need these and some Monday rain!

This post is a part of the Blog-a-Prompt Week in Marathon Blogging. Today’s prompt is Monday.



23 thoughts on “Where art thou O Monday?

    • I don’t know Uma! I think I am ready to step out of the house and do something that pleases me, other than motherhood and taking care of the house. While I have absolutely enjoyed the majority of the last 4 years and had a total globetrotting holiday, I want to do something that defines or adds to me as an individual. I would still like to be the mother and wife and “present” when needed. Lets see how that goes 🙂

      • I know where you are coming from Simran and I do share your thoughts about adding value to the self apart from being a wife and mother. It’s just that the usual corporate jobs end up slaving for someone else without adding much value. I do not want to land up in a boring corporate office just for the sake of it. This time, I’ll take my time to see what really turns me on, to have a job that I love.

        • Yes, totally! Haven’t decided what job it will be, will it be a job at all or something else (details TBD), corporate or self owned or hobby-turned-into-job. Still working on it. Taking that time to think through is very important 🙂 I have had my share of that time and now am in the phase where I am weighing pros and cons 🙂

  1. The eternal question – when/if one should get back to work. *sigh* Somedays I long for the whole office experience but then I worry whether I’ll be able to handle the kids too. It’s a tough one.

    • True! It is tough and there are advocates for both sides of it. I guess in the end it all comes down to what each person WANTS, likes and can manage 🙂 To each his own!

    • Archie – you know what I mean and how I feel too well 🙂 I don’t know if I am in a state of grass is greener on the other side or it is an actual need to shake off the cloak!!

      • And my Monday mornings are gonna be blue starting 3 June Simran, finally am getting back to full time work after 2 yrs 10 months!
        Mixed feelings though,I am little nervous,but guess that is nice.A toddler and am infant by the side,lets see how the new chapter would be.

  2. I can totally understand how you feel…infact my next blog post is going to be on the same topic 🙂 Coz at this point in my life, I am on the other side of the fence. Am looking at taking a break from the corporate life for a while and doing something that really interests me along with spending quality time with the kid.

  3. I hear ya Simran..I got back to full time work when my son was 8 months old…I kinda liked it ….but by the time he was 4 , I struggled to maintain a balance..I used to feel I am cutting him short and not spending enough time with him..But still couldnt bring myself to quit..so I pulled along..But when we moved to US I decided I needed to spend time with my boy and am glad I did that 🙂 🙂 Now am considering getting back to full time work again!!! These decisions are never easy..At the end of the day its entirely upto us and what makes us happy :):) Nevertheless loved reading your Monday Blues :):)

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