From a daughter

Today’s post is dedicated to the man who gave me the thirst for knowledge, the love of reading, the desire to achieve something. He taught me that strength means being strong on the inside, not just muscle power. He helped me take tiny steps, run and fly. He encouraged me to explore, to experience, to endure. He led by example and showed me what honesty, hard work and courage meant. He taught me to be modest and humble, yet not tolerate nonsense, if needed.Β He took care of his family, close and extended, dedicated, making sacrifices along the way, but with no regrets.

He initiated me into the magical world of books. Took me and my sister to book fairs and bought us a book from wherever he went. I remember the Tell me Whys, the Russian fairy tales, the science encyclopedias, the Enid Blytons and James Bonds, your Urdu fiction, and the stack of Robert Ludlum and James Hadley Chases in the house. It gave me a thirst I have never been able to quench – the thirst to know more, to learn more, to see more, to do more! And for that I shall be thankful always πŸ™‚

He has his strengths and weakness, but for me he will always be my super hero, the ground beneath my feet. He may appear to be tough and strict on the outside but is a big softie on the inside. Sentimental, quick to forgive and for those whom he loves, he can move mountains and part rivers.

Happy Birthday Papa! Wish you all that you want and more, on this day and forever.

Your DnD πŸ™‚

This post is part of Blog-a-Prompt Week in Marathon Blogging. Today’s prompt is Thirst.


20 thoughts on “From a daughter

  1. This post really touched my heart, Simran. My dad was the same. Happy Birthday to your papa from another grateful daughter πŸ™‚

  2. So loved your interpretation of the topic Simran, I read this first thing in the morning on my mail but couldn’t comment then. Happy Birthday to your Dad!!

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