Mangoes and love!

N loves loves loves mangoes!! He can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And is usually ready to accept any offers of extra pieces.

We were sitting at the dining table today and having a mango party as he calls it. I gave him my share of the mango seed/pit/stone/gitak. He counted the number of pieces in his plate and then mine.

N, eyes wide open with disbelief – “But mumma I have 8 pieces and you have whonly 6! Why do you have less?”

“It’s ok N. Since you love mangoes so much, mumma is ready to share one of her pieces with you.”

“Mumma, but I don’t want someone to have more and someone to get whonly 6 pieces. Next time we won’t do this, okay. We will have same same.” followed by that heart melting smile with a glint of naughty!!

This was followed by a big kiss and hug session and more mango eating and finger licking.

Cheers to mangoes and love!! May there be more than enough of each to go around the world 🙂



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