The kid is growing up!!

He had his first sleepover and wasn’t bothered a bit!! He did not miss me, his mum of 4.5 years 😦 *sob sob*. Honestly, I am happy, but a part of me is scared.

The same day I chanced upon this video! Beautiful as it is, it will tug at any parents’ heart.

I can see some of the signs mentioned in the video creeping in… choosing and wearing clothes himself, no sticking to mamma, staying away for hours altogether, a calm in the house while he plays with his toys (doesn’t matter that it lasts for only 15 minutes). Sigh! I guess that’s the way life is.

The growing up is also bringing some nice changes. The conversations N and I have are becoming more challenging, interesting, logical and thought-provoking. He is developing more social skills and negotiating skills aka patching up with friends on his own after a tiff and convincing me for more TV or gadget time respectively.

Cheers to cuddles, snuggles, bear hugs, butterfly kisses and smiles!



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