Moral compass

What defines your sense of right and wrong? Who decides it for you? Family, friends, society, religion or you? 

If other people tell you something is wrong, is it wrong? If you say something is right, is it right? They say, If we live in a society, we have to live by certain moral codes, standards and values. I say, isn’t that violating a basic right to freedom of thought, expression and action. 

I should be free to express what I feel and do what I want. You might say, well then what about violence, guns, rape, murders and the likes. After all isn’t that what some people do because they want to…..

….and the debate goes on!







6 thoughts on “Moral compass

  1. I think anything is right or wrong (or can be in shades of grey) as long as it doesn’t physically or mentally abuse another person in anyway. So a rape is clearly no-go, but so is slander or harassment, Or is it my moral compass I am talking about? 🙂


  2. nothing is right or wrong….but it all depends in which society we are…a vegetarian will feel eating meat is a sin, sometimes to get justice, u will order the person to be killed, slander, bitching, hatred is the interactive, we get what we give…as long as you get a peaceful sleep, u know u are on a right path….

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