Day 30 – A limerick for Marathon Blogging

Today is the last but one day of our month-long blogging marathon. All the activity, buzz, chatting and frenzy will end tomorrow. There will be a void like the one after the annual school function finishes – you sudden have nothing to do and miss all the practices, masti and gup shup. I guess I will miss it, till something else fills that void. But I will definitely not miss the posting-every-day bit.


All of us will nod, when I say, we would like to take a break from blogging for a bit.

Here is my version of what this marathon was, in a limerick

An idea struck a lady called Monika who was always on the run

She discussed it with some friends who wanted to have fun

They pledged to write a post a day

And keep their writer’s blocks at bay

They all thought they couldn’t do it but ended up writing a tonne

The marathon had its highs and lows

Some got bogged down by its blows

Others continued to churn out post after post

About kids, pets, work, life, love and even coffee and toast

They all made new friends and no foes

Secret Santa was a mystery and thriller

It was like playing “Who is the killer?”

Outings were planned, meet ups scheduled

Wherever needed, people even pooled

To help, to heal and to write that occasional filler

Theme posts made us use our head

Didn’t matter if we sat on the desk or on the bed

This blogathon was like a trip to the zoo

All you wonderful people, it was a pleasure knowing you

Here is to Marathon Blogging and to an awesome year ahead!


Now I shall go and enjoy the next 7 days of my holiday 🙂 Happy Sunday!!

This post is part of the Marathon Blogging December 2012


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