Day 21 – The saga of a hair cut

I got a hair cut!!

The last time I got one I had promised myself that I will grow my hair very long. Long as in, below the shoulders or even till the waist (aggressive I know!). But I wanted to go for a trim and a maybe a change before the holiday. So off I went and plunked myself in the salon next to my apartment, armed with my mac and a magazine. I had shortlisted some styles online and I wanted to show Fran (the lady who cuts my hair) what I had in mind.

In the end, she chopped off a good amount. I feel lighter but I also feel sort of ……… naked, on my head, if that’s possible! Yes that’s the feeling. Weird, I tell you.

Here are some lessons I have learnt about hair cuts, the hard way –

– There is no guarantee that after your hair-cut, you will look like what you had imagined you will look like!

– Cutting off your hair does not result in any changes to your face. The dark circles still stay. The sun damage still shows. If you were hoping for a miracle then you will be disappointed.

– Hair styles that look good on celebrities, don’t look good on the mango people. Except for a few blessed souls, maybe!

– What the hair dresser at the salon does for you cannot be replicated at home. Even if you buy that expensive gel, wax or styling iron.

– The more the money you spend on the procedure the more you hate the end result. Looking in the mirror every few minutes does not help.

– After 2 days or the next wash you will end up changing your parting to the same one that you have always had.

– Not everyone around will think you look hot, young or a new you. They could be least bothered.

– The Husband DOES notice a hair cut. But only if you chop off your shoulder length hair to a barely-reaching-the-neck bob. In all other cases the effect is negligible.

– If you want genuine and honest feedback, video chat with your mother and sibling(s). They will share honest appreciation criticism and laugh in your face too :p

I have decided to grow my hair this time. Till the next trip to the salon!

Happy Friday!!!

This post is part of the Marathon Blogging December 2012.


21 thoughts on “Day 21 – The saga of a hair cut

  1. wah wah…where are the before and after pics?
    I am one who is always scared of getting too much hair cut. Dunno how my hair will end up. So i go for the safest route and get lilttle trim only
    And from the same day itself noone in the entire world (including me)notices that i have had a hair cut. I promise to get my style changed next time. (So far i am having the same hairstyle since as long as can remember….ok besides the length of fringe) – Ok i can write a post on this topic now. 🙂 Thanks for the idea 😉

    • I have experimented with a lot of lengths and styles but this one beats them all! Never had my hair this short. Will put up a pic soon, waiting for the best “after” pic 😉

  2. I think we should have a before and after pic….. I know that Anu(my wife) will go through billions of pictures on google and narrow down a hair style, print it and take it to her saloon. Nice blog. We husbands do notice if a pinch of salt is missing but not the haircut 😛 .. I hear ya.. men are men 😉

    • Hmmm I think so too. But I need to get a really nice after pic so that the impact of the drastic change hits a lil less 😉 You being a photographer get my drift? Don’t you? 😉 Yes and Yes on the men part. But I know of some men who notice, suggest and even accompany their wives/gfs for a hair cut. Wonder which one is better!!

    • Ah! This post is a result of all my visits to salons during my life time. I am actually pleased with this time’s visit. The result is very different but I like it! Pics soon… 🙂

  3. I agree, no amount of trying to do what they have asked you to as an after care, will make your after cut-washed hair look the same. BUt hair cuts does make you feel lighter and happier. Never know why but it does

    • They use a lot of products I guess which we are not trained at all to use. Also the shampoo conditioner combo at the salon before the cut plays a big role. I mean the quality and which brand they use. The one at home might be different… But yes I still don’t know why it behaves the way it does 😉

  4. Oh, I used to be a bad candidate for hair cuts once upon a time but now I’m more open and don’t mind the short hair and different cut once a’ll grow to like the hair cut slowly..:-)

    • 🙂 I think I already love this hair style. Took me a few hours but I like it and am happy 🙂 I wanted it so badly and did so much research I better like it!!

  5. hahaha so well put. In fact there are times I have to tell myself I have paid well to the salon guy, he shall make it look like magic. Guess what I dont like it at times moments after I step out of the place. Pheww

  6. hahahaa… too good.. i was going yes yes on all the points.. what the hairdresser does cannot be replicated at home! BIG YES… and i hate it.. and pics yes.. mayb we can see a few good ones from the holiday!

    • Yes, pic from holiday shall be posted asap!! 🙂 Am waiting for my photographer friend to click a good one… Whatever those hair dressers do in the salon is nice and seems easy but at home it just doesn’t happen!! 😦

  7. Oh you have the most gorgeous hair anyway, and I can’t see anything not suiting you ;). Take it from someone who lives with frizzy flyaway hair, and even then insists on drastic hair cuts once in a while. In the last few years, I keep bracing myself to grow it out, but somewhere a bit longer than shoulder length, the hairfall and just the irritation of “longer” hair catches up with me, and I chop it off again.
    Looking forward to those photos!

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