Day 9 – Life, Death and Finances

Saturday morning, 7:00 am – S shouting from the loo, “Sim earthquake!! Take N and go under the table”.

A perplexed, still-not-fully-awake-me got off the bed to run walk, grab N and go under the dining table. N was excited to do the turtle-goes-into-the-shell-when-an-earthquake-happens routine he had learnt at school. The NZ mantra is Drop, Cover and Hold. So if you are indoors when an earthquake happens, drop down to the floor (preferably under a strong surface such as a dining table), cover your head with your hands while holding on to one of the table’s legs. Stay there until the tremors pass. N and I stayed there for about 20 seconds. It was a mild earthquake.

This early morning incident prompted us to discuss serious stuff like life and death. And we eventually got to the point of discussing finances.

Do you know what finances you would need to take care of if your spouse dies?

Well most of us have some or the other vague idea. I did too. Some people are smarter and keep things sorted and written clearly. S being the emotional yet practical person he is, quickly made an excel and both of us listed all the finance related things we could think of. So all the PFs, bank accounts, policies, investment details, nominations etc were listed and discussed at a high level so we both knew what needs to be looked into.

This series also led us to discuss what we would like to do with our bodies if an unexpected/sudden death happens. Both S and I want to donate as much of our bodies as possible. So that was sorted out too.

Have you ever thought about what you would like to do if such a situation arises? Are your spouse/partner and family aware of your choice? 

We sometimes think, things happen to other people, not to us! We are just fine till things actually happen and catch us unaware. I am not saying plan life to the T or worry about it, but being a little practical doesn’t harm 🙂 After all you never know what could happen tomorrow!

This post is part of Day 9 of the Marathon Blogging December 2012.


20 thoughts on “Day 9 – Life, Death and Finances

  1. 😦 i know not a very good way to start a sunday .. but its so true sims.. i have seen bad things very early on in life, with both my parents passing away at very early and unexpected phases of our lives, i understand exactly what u say.. we too discuss these very often and talk it through, but i guess this talking thru can b bad, my mom had talked it through just once, and it makes me cry everytime i think of it.

  2. Woah! This is not what I expected to think about Sunday morning 😦 But yes you are right. It can happen to anyone anytime. Sigh! I saw Talash yesterday that is still bothering me too.. I think Life should be enjoyed moment by moment. I dont want to think about future. I am not practical enough for that.way tooo emotional

  3. yes, you need to be practical in these uncertain times, Simran! I am bad at finances and though I take a little in knowing what kind of investments are made, I’m not a methodical person in this matter…A thought provoking post!

  4. Very thoughtful, its strange that we think of these things only when we are sick or foresee the worst, but being prepared all the time and planning things in such a way that it becomes easy for others to sort things out after our death is very important and I think everybody should pay attention to those details too…

    • I think when someone passes away, it must be so painful and then all this stuff about dealing with what-not must be a major pain. I would like to leave less complications and confusions for my loved ones….

  5. It’s not the most comfortable of topics, but probably the most important especially when we have kids. Three years back when a 25 year old family’s friend’s husband passed away when she was 6 months pregnant with their first child, my husband and I had the talk. With an almost two year old and another on the way, i think it was one of the most important discussions ever.

  6. Its at the back of my mind..and we both know about each other’s finances but not really discussed per say..I watched talaash today also,so this post,hit the nail on the head..

  7. Definitely something to think about, and you’re so right. It’s at the back of our minds, but are we actually prepared for such eventualities, NO! I guess it’s time to take hubby’s advice and start figuring out some of those investments as a starting point, he’ll be so thankful to you Simz :).

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