Day 8 – Theme for the week – Blast from the Past

As part of the Marathon Blogging December 2012, we decided to have one day each week, when we all have to write on a chosen theme. The 1st week’s theme is Blast from the Past!

The brief was – Pick any photo from the past and write about the memory associated with it, it could be a picture taken during a trip, could be about a meal you can never forget, a dish that you are proud of, an event that is embed in your memory… So dig out your pictures and share some memories with everyone πŸ™‚

On N’s 1st birthday after the proverbial big birthday bash was done, I put my feet up on the table and had my glass of wine! We celebrated in a pub, you see. It was a beautiful, old place with that colonial dated architecture – pillars and all, grass bowling lanes on the 1st floor and it served finger licking food. It had a beautiful and big party hall with mix and match furniture, ceiling to floor glass windows (I am a sucker for those),Β a foosball table and a bar (we still had a lot of friends who were not new mommies and daddies and liked a glass or two of their poisons)! The party hall of that pub worked great for us. In fact, it was one of the best parties I have hosted πŸ™‚

I talked to my mom and dad over the phone after the party and they started talking about my 1st birthday party celebrated in Leh, J&K. It brought back wonderful memories for them. My dad saidΒ 28 years down the line the Circle of Life has repeated itself. I looked at these pictures below and it felt so beautiful!Β Here is my blast from the past!


Me in my white birthday frock in mom’s arms


Dad and mom helping me cut my 1st b’day cake


28 years later, S and I helping N cut his 1st b’day cake.


32 thoughts on “Day 8 – Theme for the week – Blast from the Past

  1. The bar is veryyy high this time. Which post can beat babies cutting first birthday cakes πŸ˜› *Must plan baby sooon #note to self* Very adorable post Darling.

  2. aaah … so sweet.. and look at that.. its there.. same to same πŸ™‚ love it yaar! i was so looking forward to these posts..

  3. Hi Di!! I have been following your blogs from a while and I must tell you that all your posts are wonderfully written. Specially this one has touched my heart.

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