Day 7 – Travel light? What is that?

“1 suitcase! For 2 whole weeks!! Are you serious???” Sim looks at her husband in disbelief!

They were going on a Christmas holiday with friends.

“If you pack light and get rid of all the unnecessary stuff, one suitcase will be enough.”

“Unnecessary stuff? There is nothing like that. All I am taking is some tops, bottoms, shoes, make up, toiletries, swimwear.”

“That doesn’t sound like a lot. It should fit in 1 suitcase.”

“Hmm, let’s see. I need about 9 to 10 tops for 14 days.”

“10 tops!!” Sim’s husband says with eyes wide open. “Why 10?, There will be a washing machine in the villa honey, you can wash and wear stuff.”

“I can’t repeat combinations!! My pictures will look all the same” Sim says with a I-can’t-believe-you-said-that expression.

Sim’s husband gives her the Does-that-really-matter look!

“Oh well maybe I can carry a few tops and change the bottoms. But what about shoes? I can’t wear the same ones all the 14 days. What if we have to walk a lot, I will need my comfy walking sneakers for that. And I can’t wear sneakers with that new pretty white skirt so I need my flat white sandals. What if we decide to go on a grown up’s night out leaving the kids with a baby sitter? For that I will need my heels. So that makes 3 pairs. Hmm, but the white sandals won’t go with everything; so I need my black flats too. That makes 4 pairs. I think that should be ok. What do you think?”

By this time Sim’s husband has given up hope and buries himself in the laptop.

“Accha, do you think we should carry some of N’s toys, games and a few colouring books? You know, to keep him busy at the airport, in the plane, in the taxi and while we are doing nothing. There might be moments like that.”

At this point Sim hears her husband muttering under his breath “He has 4 friends coming. I don’t think there will be moments where he will be doing nothing.”

Sim goes on pretending she did not hear that.

“What about sunscreen – it’s going to be super hot and bright. Some mosquito repellant – who knows there might be mosquitos in Thailand. The beach towels and mat – why go there and spend some money to buy another when we have one. I also need to carry 2 of my books, will catch up on all my reading in the holidays. I just don’t get time otherwise!! And I so need to take the camera, both my lenses and the video camera. The last time we made a video was 10 months ago. We should really do it more often…….”

Wait a sec before you even go there, the Sim above is not me. I swear. All I worry about taking is the important stuff – passport, house keys, visa papers, a credit card or cash and prescription medication.

Cut to the airport – “Excuse me Ms Dhaliwal, your luggage is 5 kgs over weight. The extra charges are $100. Would you like to pay by card or cash”

I wonder why that happens to me 😦


This post is part of Day 7 of Marathon Blogging December 2012.


21 thoughts on “Day 7 – Travel light? What is that?

    • A girl has her concerns right?? And pretty genuine ones at that!! 🙂 I am trying to cut down on the actual holiday packing…. “trying” being the operative word here.

  1. hahaha simi, going to miss you guys in this trip.. all that talk all that blogging, we need to get together again.. Muaahhh , have a lovely day. And we all have that share of packing. Do you know i also go to the extend of bandaid, detol, neosprin, all medicine, vomitting, loosies and medicines, vicks, balm, my entire shelf comes out. Did you know i also pack a torch light 🙂

    • Hee Hee I keep all that too, the paranoid mommy in me makes me keep everything I think might come in handy! The torch light is a new one for me too 😉 Will miss you too, but like I said we will do another one.

  2. Haha…I can so identify with this. 🙂 Although, I go a little lighter on the clothes and stuff my bags with food, books and gadgets and buy even more clothes on my way back. 😀 Just waiting for the 22nd so I am in this situation, yet again. By the way, try making a puppy face, I got away with 2.5 kgs of extra baggage once with just that. 😉

    • WHAT?? How did that happen? I so need to learn that. I stuff my luggage with all the things I think I will do during holidays but end up not doing anything so I should learn from my past mistakes.

  3. hehehe.. what a fun read Simran, and I think this also has to do with the fact that while hubbies have to pack only for themselves, we the ladies have to pack for ourselves, the kids as well as any “family” related stuff. After all who gets blamed when that oh so essential extra battery for the 2nd camera is forgotten 😉 ?

    • True Aparna! But if given a choice I would like to pack for N and myself and not give it to S. The partial OCD that I have doesn’t feel satisfied when S packs it for N 😉 And I do my lists 😀 which I check off while packing!!

  4. Wow! you know this particular conversation would happen in my household but reverse the gender and the things. I travel real light ( the tomboy in me still survives atleast during a vacation) But my husband has to take his entire wardrobe and some more with him. Not to mention the camera and its accessories and the laptops ( home n office one) You get the picture, dont you?

  5. Cute! The ‘look the same in all the pix’ – haha – and so happened to me too. grrr. The latest China trip, everyone assumes I had only one pair of hippy pants! Also – so agree with Aparna above. We need to pack for everyone. No’fair! No’fair!

    • See, I told you!! That happens and all everyone who has not been on the trip thinks is that is the only shorts/tee you brought along. They weren’t on the trip with you :p

  6. Sobbb……I have three big suitcases for 14 days vacations too…God save me from the airport charges please…… :((( What a great post…. U just touched the cord of my heart Honey 🙂

  7. Really enjoyed reading this one Simran…you have been writing a lot girl…good stuff…:) 🙂 Hmm travelling light..I get that a lot and not only from hubby but also from family like my dad..”why dont you travel light”..its a common question I am faced with 🙂 Please, there is no such thing as travel light…Everything we pack is essential.. !!! 🙂 🙂 LOL

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