Bringing up N!

So the kiddo knows the 6 friends from F.R.I.E.N.D.S, their names and even laughs at some of the jokes in the sitcom.

S and I have seen the soap multiple times and are watching a re-run of it. N watches it with us sometimes. His favorite characters are Joey and Ross in that order 😀

S and I are breathing a sigh of relief! Our kid is on the right path in life. He knows how to laugh his heart out and has good taste!!


N: I am frustrated mamma.

Me: A little perplexed and slightly clueless “What happened?”

N: Wait, I know what to do. Stop. Breathe. And think.

Me: Wow! Did your teacher teach you that?

N: Nah. I saw it on TV yesterday, in Bubble Guppies.

Me (thinking): Thank God, TV does some good too!


N: Here you go mamma, you can colour with me using your favourite colour.

Me: My fav is not pink, it is orange. What made you think it was pink?

N (indignantly): You are a girl and girls love pink. It is their fav colour!!

Me (thinking): Hey! Thats gender stereotyping!

Me (saying): Sweetheart, girls do not have to love pink and boys don’t have to love blue! Anybody can choose any colour as their fav.

N: But XYZ (from school) is a girl and she wears pink allllll the time. It is her favorite!

Sigh! Now I need to teach  a 4 year old not to generalize on top of not stereotyping. I wonder how we learnt all that we know…


2 thoughts on “Bringing up N!

  1. Awww..your N is so cute!!! My kiddo loves FRIENDS too..we are huge fans of FRIENDS, can watch reruns and reruns of reruns 🙂 his favorite character is Joey..I asked him why is Joey his favorite, his answer was “Because he loves pizza ” 🙂 🙂 Bubble Guppies is a very good cartoon for kids to watch..pretty informative…My son used to watch it when he was 4, now when I ask him why doesnt he watch it now..he says “Mamma, I have grown up now..I pretty much know stuff which they are watching it doesnt help”…how can I reason with logic like that LOL:) 🙂

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