My world is busy!

It is full of school drops and pick ups, figuring out what to cook, grocery shopping, laundry, ironing, cleaning up around the house, study time, park, library, museum and whatever-else-you-can-do-to-entertain-the-kid visits. Whatever time is left over is for sleep and something I like doing – reading a book or watching TV.

Some days I feel like all I have done is trying to get something done or being there for my son and husband. The days just rush by. I feel emotionally drained and spent after all the talking to the kid along with the chores. And that is when I start screaming or getting irritated.

The thing is there is no holiday or break in the schedule! There are so many “I-got-to’s” (I got to do this, I got to do that). There are so many responsibilities and then I must finish chores, eat, sleep, spend time with the kid!

Then I pause and ask myself,

What is it that I really want most?

What is it that I enjoy doing most?

What can I say no to?

What do I want to make time for?

Do I need to cook exotic meals every day?

Do I need to stress myself so much about teaching my kid everything and providing him a well-rounded environment?

The answers to these questions say it all and make being busy worth it! Try it for yourself.


2 thoughts on “My world is busy!

  1. Loved reading this one Simran..I felt as if these are my thoughts 🙂 I too sometimes loose my cool when there are always things to do..I never seem to be done for the day!!!I Inspite of doing so much I always feel I havent done enough…Its always one thing after the other…. thats when my husband tells me “you dont have to do everything perfectly..its alright if you do some things which are in the okay genre too “…but we moms demand perfection from ourselves…..I guess i need to cut myself some slack…and sit back, relax and think its ok if this is not done today, it can always wait …well..hope someday I am able to do that LOL 🙂 🙂

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