No junk food!

N and me in the elevator. Another lady joins us and is going to the same floor as ours.

N to her: I also live on x floor!

Lady: Oh, that is great. We are floor neighbours!

Lady: Did you go to the vegetable market? (seeing the bags in our hands)

N: Yes! I have fruits in these bags.

Lady: Fruits are very good for your health.

N: Yes! Fruits are good. Not junk food, it is not good for us.

Lady: Nice… you are a very smart guy!

N with a shy smile: I know (and with a prompt from me) Thank you.


6 thoughts on “No junk food!

    • Thanks TGND!! 🙂 He likes talking to people and strikes up conversations with random strangers (which sometimes might not be that great a thing and we are trying to teach him the difference).

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