3 sick people!

Once upon a time there were 3 people in a family.

A li’l boy, his mommy, his daddy; and they all came down with the flu.

So they stayed home all day and night.

Rested, ate and looked outside at the sky, all blue!


The li’l boy got the bug from school.

Passed it to mommy, daddy and all his toys.

Poor daddy suffered the worst and had to stay back from work.

While mommy darling struggled to take care of the boys! 


Then mommy got struck by the flu too.

You could hear everyone in the house cough at night.

Eventually, they had to visit the doctor after hours.

Who gave them some medicine to make them all right!


~ All the people at home shouldn’t be sick at the same time 😦 There is no one to put the dirty dishes away 🙂 





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