N speak

(At 6 am on a Saturday morning) N: Mommy, daddy, I looked outside my window and there was a teeny-weeny bit of light so I came to your room. 

Groggy me: Oh ok N. Thats nice… mggdgjegukcgndkeh (mumbling in sleep).

Pause for 10 seconds

N: Mommy what does daddy do in office?

Me: He works, has meetings, meets people, reads and makes important documents, finishes projects and more. 

N: What do you do at home?

Me: I take care of the house, cook and clean up. Do grocery shopping, drop and pick you from school. 

N: Hmmmm

Me: Why are you asking this?

N: I have such a tough job mommy!!

Me: !!!!! Umm hmm…

N: I have to go to school, then play with my friends, ride the bikes outside, make sand castles, eat my lunch, morning tea and afternoon tea then clean up before I come home. And THEN I have to drink MILK, that is sooo sooo tough!! 





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