Bangalore – Places I want to visit!

If you are a regular at this blog you would have seen this previous post about Places we have been to in Bangalore and loved!  As part 2 of that post, I wanted to list some places I want to go to, but haven’t been able to yet!

So here is a list of places in Bangalore (not in any order), that I want to explore and try out, based on word of mouth recommendations (not internet based searches). I can do that only once I get back to India, but no harm making a list 😉 –

Indiranagar – I feel there is lots explore, to do, to eat and to shop in Indiranagar and I have just touched the tip of the iceberg. Or maybe its just an illusion but we’ll figure out.

Umerkot restaurant – in Koramangala. It is a primarily Mughlai restaurant. And from what I have heard their lunch buffet (all days of the week) is something to look out for. No website but some details here.

Yellow Button – They say it’s for women looking for a splash of sunshine!! Well aren’t we all? *smiles* . They sell fun clothes, jewellery, footwear and accessories including home decor stuff. In Indiranagar. Details on their FB page here. Just for your info the 3 stores – The Orange Bicycle, Chilli Billi and Yellow Button are located very close to each other so you can try to cover ’em all in one trip to Indiranagar.

Cane Boutique – I have always passed this place but never stepped in. I know a few friends who have ordered furniture from here and loved it. They mostly have rattan and cane furniture but do stock other kinds of furniture also. I don’t need anything but am curious to peek inside the store ‘coz it looks very inviting from outside 🙂 Details on their website.

Thoppia – A home furnishings store that, again, I have not visited. But have seen a huge antique clock that a friend picked up from this place and that piqued my interest. They have 2 locations in Bangalore as mentioned here on their website here. Might be worth a look!

Blossom Book House – I haven’t been here yet but would love to. It is a book store on church street with new and 2nd hand books. It has 3 floors of books including some rare copies. Here is their website.

Claytopia – Have heard about them from a lot of friends and acquaintances. Couldn’t find a website for them but here is some info. It is a paint-your-own-pottery-studio where you can choose your own piece of pottery product then paint it. The Claytopia folks will then dry it, fire it in their kiln and you can then pick your piece up. The process takes about 10 days. They also cater for birthday parties with painting pottery as the main activity. For food you can choose from the adjoining Bistro Claytopia which offers some great yummy treats. A definite must visit once I get back.

Hippocampus – This is another one on the must-do list. Have heard a lot of recommendations about it! From there website they sound like a whole lot of fun 🙂 They have a library and regular events for kids of all ages. They also have an Adventure Club, a Cooking club and a whole lot of other fun stuff. They have 2 centres in Bangalore and 1 in Chennai.

Janapada Loka – This was recommended by a fellow blogger. It is a folk cultural center. They have a community hall for workshops, weddings etc at a nominal rent. A canteen serving ethnic food throughout the day. Folk cultural shows are arranged on last Sunday of every month in the open-air theatre. There is an artificial lake with paddle boats. They do have a nominal entry fee. Details on their website.

NGMANational Gallery of Modern Art. Okay I am not a big time museum, gallery person. But when I checked the website for this place I decided to give it a chance. This was recommended again by a fellow blogger and I trust her choice 🙂 Thanks Chox!! It is a museum gallery set in a historic heritage mansion. It has a refurbished auditorium, an open air theatre, a reference library, offices and art storage, a cafeteria, and a museum shop cum facilitations block. To add to our knowledge database the place offers some activities and programmes catering to schools, families and groups. They even have regular walks giving an Introduction to the language of art and Introduction to Modern Indian Art. There is a nominal entry fee. For kids they have summer workshops and other activities for ages as small as 3 years old. Check it out if you haven’t and let me know how it was!

Chaipatty Teafe – This one has been on my to-do, to-go list for a long time. Had heard about it from a blogger friend and kept seeing/reading mentions of it in the local newspapers/supplements. It sounds like a fun, chilled out place where one can indulge all their senses. The food on the menu seems very tempting and falls in the yummy-homey-essential-comfort-food category!! Mouthwatering, I say! They have book launches, pottery classes, salsa workshops and much much more. They have 3 locations in Bangalore with Indiranagar being the first followed by Koramangala and Whitefield. Check out their website for more details 🙂

United Arts Society – This one was a self discovery while surfing or blog hopping I guess. Can’t remember. This one sounds very promising to introduce your children to the world of arts – all kinds – Performing arts (Theatre, Dance and Music), Visual arts, Fine arts, Contemporary and Applied arts and Supporting arts. They have summer camps for kids with age ranges from 4 to 6, 9 to 12, and other year around programmes for mostly 8 yrs +. The programmes are meant to help kids with their first step in experiencing art and then cultivate and encourage their interests further. Some of their programmes are also meant for individuals, parents and professionals. Check their website for details on the center locations and multitude of things they teach and offer.

Phew! That is it for now. If I come across or get to know any more, will add to this list 🙂

Here is one that was in the list above, but I did cover it before leaving Bangalore!

Black Board Cafe restaurant – in Koramangala. I had heard from friends that there is a huge blackboard where kids can scribble and the food is great too. But I couldn’t find any website for the cafe, just this info here. It says the place is kid friendly and it is. The menu has a good spread. The place is adequate enough. Blackboards all over the place where kids and grown ups can scribble. So expect some chalky stuff over the kids’ clothes, dress them appropriately. The only sore points were the mosquitos – they were all over the place whichever table we chose – outside in the garden or on the terrace. And their upholstery needs to be freshened and spruced up – faded, torn sofa and cushion covers just don’t work guys! Other than that service was fast and efficient, food decent!

Have a great week. Happy Monday!!!


11 thoughts on “Bangalore – Places I want to visit!

  1. Hey there! Came over from Sandhya’s blog. Have been reading a few of your posts and liked them. 🙂

    This list is super-duper awesome! I have been in Bangalore for three years now, and I haven’t been to most of these places from the list… I have just been to NGMA, Janapada Loka and Blossoms. I didn’t even know of some places in this list! Thank you for enlightening me. 🙂

  2. Just wanted to let you know that the Blackboard Cafe is no longer operational. 😦 We tried to hunt it down some time back, and not finding it anywhere, called up the number of the cafe that we had got off the Internet. The owners told us they had shut the cafe down. 😦 I am sure I would have loved the experience of visiting it.

    The good news is that they might be reopening it in a couple of months.

  3. Great post, Simran. We are moving to Bangalore in a few months, and I am bookmarking this post. I’ve lived in Blr earlier some years ago but so much has changed since then! Your post makes me feek excited about moving 🙂

  4. The Place love here id Badami. Badami once a royal capital of the Chalukyas is now a sleepy town in Bagalkot district of Karnataka. The town was known as Vatapi previously. It is settled in a valley at the base of a furrowed, red arenaceous rock that rings Agastya lake. Badami is a place which is full of cave temples, entryways, fortresses, dedications and carvings. Also i love South Indian food of Badami

  5. Hey Simran,
    Guess what, I was looking for the website for Thoppia, that’s just a few blocks away from where I stay (keep passing by this place and never actually made a visit) and landed up here :-)))..well, I’m visiting this place soon for my new house 🙂

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