A typical day in N and my life!

7:30 am: Still in bed. Thinking “There is a lot of time, let me quickly check Facebook, Gmail, both my blogs and google maps for today’s trip before I get out of bed.”

8:20 am: Getting out of bed thinking “Is it 8:20 already? When did that happen?

8:47 am: After packing S’s lunch and giving breakfast to N thinking “There is a lot of time, let me quickly bake a batch of apple cinnamon muffins (read the recipe last night in a magazine I borrowed from the library). Will hardly take 20 mins.”

9:35 am: Me to N “finish your milk N, why is some of it still left?”

N in a whiney voice “Mamma I doooonnnn’t want to drink it, pleaseeeeee”

“Sorry sweetheart, you need to finish your milk, or else how will you become strong to play at Junglerama today?”

“Okay mom”

“Do you want to try the apple cinnamon muffin mommy made?”


“You can try one”

“But I don’t like muffins. They are sweet. What is cinnamon? Is it sweet or bitter? Or is it spicy? One time I ate <mumble-jumble> in school and it was so spicy. What is cinnamon, mamma?”

Me thinking – “Why did I even ask?”

10:08 am: After cleaning up the baking mess in the kitchen, thinking “There is a lot of time, let me take a quick bath and straighten my hair. Then I will be all set for the evening when I go to see Nutcracker on Ice.ย Before that, lemme throw these clothes into the washer. Oh and lemme load the dishwasher too. But I will have to unload it first. Dammit, will do this later!ย And who left their shoes in the living room??”

To N ” Did you finish your milk and toast?”

“Yes mamma I already told you I did. Why are you asking again and again and again?”

“Sorry N, mamma forgot.”

“Till mamma comes back from her bath can you please put on the clothes she has kept on your bed and your shoes too.”

“Okay mamma”

10:20: I step into the bathroom.

In the bath thinking “Did I keep everything in N’s bag? An extra set of clothes. Some snacks to munch on? His cap? My wallet? What time must it be? Maybe 10:30! That gives me some time to style my hair and get ready.”

10:59: Out of the bath, looking at the watch, “Oh shoot! Why is time flying?” Shouting out to N, “Did you wear your clothes?”

“Almost mamma”

“What does almost mean?”

N appears with his underwear and pants on and 1 sock on. The pant’s button and zipper are open. No shirt on, a la Salman Khan!

“Why no socks and shoes on yet N? Hurry up sweety we will get late!” “And bring your t-shirt here I will help you put it on.”

11:15 am: Where is the plug converter just when you need it? Ah there it is under the bed! Straightening hair and shouting out to N “Are you done wearing your shoes N? We need to leave by 11:30, in 15 minutes. Get your jackets also.”

“Mamma I don’t want to close the buttons of my shirt.”

“It’s cold outside we need can’t have an open shirt.”

“But mamma………<whine> <whine> <whine>”

“N….. let me close all the buttons, NOW! And put your red sweatshirt on after that.”

“But mamma I don’t want to wear the red sweatshirt.”

Feeling – “Aaaahhhhhhhh, somebody kill me!” Saying – “But why beta (son), whats wrong with the red?”

“Please mamma, I don’t like it!”

“Okay, fine, wear the yellow hoodie”


11:23 am: Back in my room, last few sections of hair being straightened. Shouting out to N “And shoes please, don’t forget to wear them. And your rain jacket, the last layer”

“Mamma can you please help me with my shoes, there is something in them.”

Tipped the boots upside down and out came a handful of black sand from the school sand pit. Shit shit shit! (No, don’t worry, didn’t say that out loud).

“N, we need to shake out the sand out of our shoes once we come out of the sand pit at school. Look at the mess if we don’t.”

Cursing myself loudly, inside my head, all the time!! Why did I have to tip it out on the wooden kitchen floor? Should have done it over the bin or the sink.

11:35 am: The mess has been cleaned.

N starts to say “Mamma I don’t want to……”

“N, don’t say any more Don’t-want-to’s PLEASSSEEEE”

“Mamma you are being mad, calm down”

“We need a 3 minute time out from each other N. Lets calm down then talk!”

“Yes mamma, I will sit in this corner, you go to that one.”

11:40 am: The last layer jacket is on and so are the shoes. My hair is done, well almost. No make up yet, have to wear my shoes, pick up the bag, lock the door.

11:45: Frantic call to friend “Hey, I will be 5 to 10 minutes late. Sure. Ok. Thanks! See ya at the bus stop.”

12:00 noon: Rushing out the door, 15 mins late, holding kid with one hand, kid’s bag in the other.

To N: “Lets run N, lets see who can reach the stop faster! Lets go! Lets go!”

“Run mommy run!”


6 thoughts on “A typical day in N and my life!

  1. Wow yeah – good read for sure. And you still spend time styling your hair and putting on make up! Wow ๐Ÿ™‚ I never bother even drying my hair anymore!

    • Ha Ha! I did stop that for some time but then I realized putting on make up and having some nice looking hair does make me feel good and does that extra bit for me on an average day ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Haha…Funny and interesting read indeed…trust me “i dont want to wear this, eat that etc etc” seem to happen with my 5 year old so many times, it drives me nuts..I remember one such time when I lost my cool my kid said “Mamma, you need to cool down, moms are supposed to keep their calm at all times..” I was so shocked..wonder where he learnt that ๐Ÿ™‚ :)..

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