What do you mean by “What did you do today?”

Darling Husband (DH) – Did you do task X?

Dear Wife (DW) – No I didn’t.

DH – Why??? You know it is supposed to be done by tomorrow morning 10 am.

DW – I know, I will get it done before that. I had a lot to do today.

DH – Okay! What did you do today?

DW – I woke up at 7:30 am, took out my clothes and the darling kid’s (DK) before waking the DK up. Made DK brush, changed his clothes. Gave him a breakfast of peanut butter and jam sandwich, milk and cornflakes. Made sure he finished it, well almost finish it. Had my breakfast in between reminding him to eat. Guided him to play in his room till I got ready. Got ready, put a batch of clothes in the washer dryer and turned it on before leaving. Told DK to put on 2 more layers of jackets (it was a cold, windy, wet day). Marched him off to school.

After dropping him off, walked down to the local grocery and fresh fruits/veggies store which is 3 blocks down. Picked up stuff needed for lunch and dinner that night and remainder of that week. Trudged back home 3 blocks carrying all that grocery, a part of which was moderately heavy. Stopped on the way back to run another errand and yes that was important too!

Then came home talked to a friend on the phone, while sitting at the dining table and eating lunch, for about 20 mins. Then started prep for dinner. So cut the veggies, cooked the dish, standing throughout. Took the clothes out of the dryer, spread them out to fold them in a bit. Unloaded the dishwasher, loaded it with dirty dishes. Put the clean ones back in place. Organized the kitchen cupboards to keep stuff at convenient places and efficient cooking. Was on my feet throughout.

Changed my profile pic on FB, caught up with a few friends, booked online tickets for a theatre show I have been wanting to go to!

Made the beds in both the rooms, picked up stuff lying about including toys, dirty clothes and the paper and magazines. Finished cleaning the kitchen counter tops! Unloaded the dishwasher once more to make place for the next set of dirty dishes.

Got ready to pick DK from school. Walked down 2 blocks in cold and some showers. Made conversation with him on the way back. Made him take off shoes, jackets, put then in the right place, wash hands. then gave him some snack to eat. Then stuck around him till he finished his milk. Put on a cartoon for him while I organized the remaining part of the kitchen/pantry. When the DK was done with the cartoon, took him for a bath et all. Once he was done, dried him, put his clothes on. Then played 3 rounds of Uno with him coz the DK wanted me too.

By the time you were back from work so started laying out dinner. Dinner was pav bhaji so stood and warmed up the buns one by one and fed the DK first, then had my own dinner while you had to finish some important office work. Finished dinner and clearing the stuff off the dining table. Took the DK to his room and read him a story. Put him to sleep and here I am and it is 9 pm.

I still have to fold the laundry and do task X!


7 thoughts on “What do you mean by “What did you do today?”

  1. People seriously undermine the work of a stay at home moms! I make up with very less cooking and still can’t find time to restore or mental and physical energy …though I do check fb n all that..

    • Yes Archana, sometimes it is not about how much you do as in spending time on it, but also spending mental energy and investing a lot of yourself into raising a kid!

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