Of moving (yet again) and other stuff

We spent one week in one hotel when we landed in Wellington. We spent one month in a fully furnished service apartment where the cleaning was taken care of and fresh towels were provided regularly! Tomorrow we move into an apartment which is fully furnished with furniture and electrical appliances and kitchen cutlery and crockery but other than that we will be on our own. So thats when the real life starts! *Feeling anxious* 

And this time it is city life or like S tells N “We are living the life your mom always wanted” – which is living in downtown/central part of town, walking down or taking the bus to most of the areas, having everything from grocery shops to lifestyle stores, quaint antique shops, local attractions, museums, play areas, kid-friendly places all within walking distance, seeing the morning and evening rush of office-goers, enjoying the weekend downtown reveling on the traffic-free streets! I love it and wanted to live like that so here is my chance. For the next 6 months that is where we are going to be. 


By a strange coincidence, our siblings (S and mine) are also moving/have moved. My sister and her hubby are moving as a result of her husband being posted to a new place and S’s brother and family have also moved because of a new work assignment in a different place. All in a space of 3 days!! 


I got a library card made and so now time to pick up some books for N. I get to pick as many as I want to and have 3 weeks to keep them. I can renew them once after that for another 3 weeks if no one else is waiting for them. For new books or best sellers the lending time is shorter! I like the idea of unlimited books, lets see how much we make use of that. 


We had a lovely time at a school friend’s place on Saturday. It was S’s birthday and so a special day! I like making people happy and throwing in a surprise or 2 (no matter how small) to make their eyes smile and go Wow! Makes me happy 🙂 Maybe I am a selfless, magnanimous, giver!! Ok, I know I should stop right there now. I just like giving though. Coming back to the point, we had some great food and conversation. S enjoyed getting older by another year!!


Have a great week ahead!! 









6 thoughts on “Of moving (yet again) and other stuff

  1. 1. Apartment – like! What you have written reminds me of my time in Melbourne. Enjoy 🙂
    2. Unlimited books – love! Last month we had 78 books borrowed from the library at “home”.
    Please borrow everything by Oliver Jeffers (N will love these), Julia Donaldson, Melanie Watt, Shel Silverstein
    3. Love that condensed milk sweet, and you’ve presented it so beautifully.

    • Will send pictures of the apartment soon! I am totally loving the living-in-the-city experience. Library time is coming up on Friday and I am also planning to show him the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory after we finish the book! 🙂 Will check out books by the authors you have suggested, thanks!!

  2. You have moved to New Zealand!! Lucky you 🙂
    We were there on holiday last December…I am definitely going back again…Hope all settled there and having fun.

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