The questions three and a half year olds ask!!

Picture this – me and N sitting in Mc Donalds grabbing a snack after school got over. N is gobbling up his chicken nuggets to fill that empty tummy of his! I am munching on some fries and glancing around. There is a rare silence as we both are lost in our own worlds for a few milliseconds.

“Mama can I kiss any other girl?” says N suddenly. I put down the french fries in my hand, gulp down some water and then ask him “What does any other girl mean? You mean other than Mama”. He says “Yes mama, I mean, can I kiss any girl, if I want to?”

I think of an age-appropriate, unchauvinist, non-stereotypical reply and come up with “Yes sweetheart, you can kiss a girl if you know her and if she says it is ok to.” 

Pat comes the reply, “Hmmm then I can kiss P auntie because I know her and I know she will say ok.” (P is a friend of ours and N and her son are great friends!). 

Me – dumb founded (because of the whole exchange), relieved (the sigh of relief was very audible), perplexed (about what prompted the question). 

N went back to the nuggets after this and I spent the next 30 mins thinking about the what, why and how of the whole thing and wondering if my response was OK. Later while walking back home he told me that he had seen a boy kiss a girl and so was wondering if he could kiss some girl too!

Well, the kid is happy and so shall P auntie be coz she has been classified as a girl 😉 



What do you think? I would love to know.

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