How I wish…

… I could run! I want to run, so badly. For the little time I did run, it felt so good! But thanks to Plantar Fasciitis I had to put running on hold till the summer and reduce my walking. It all started after I moved to Wellington and started walking out a lot in my 6-year-old, worn out shoes. So the doc said, give the foot some rest, get some new shoes which provide some cushion to your feet and start running after a month or two. At times, it feels frustrating not being able to run, partly because I was looking at it as my exercise/work out routine. And with that taken away from me I don’t know what else to do to fill that space.

I should be resting my foot (total rest is not possible cause of the lifestyle right now) and exercising it. But the lazy bum that I am, I have been walking on but not exercising! I swear I promise (to myself) I will start exercising from tomorrow. 🙂

We are moving into a new apartment on Monday and hopefully, should be there for the next 6 months. Looking forward to that. It is a corner apartment and has beautiful all-glass-walls in the living room and the bedrooms. Pics coming soon!! S and I always wanted one of those apartments ever since we stayed at a friend’s place in Chicago that had all glass walls with huge amounts of light coming in. I love bright houses with lots of windows and light coming in and the higher the floor the better 😉

Here’s to a lovely home and quick recovery from my aching heel 🙂


8 thoughts on “How I wish…

  1. Hey Sim. Read your blog(s) today. You really write well 🙂
    As for the exercising, every week I promise myself to start exercising from Monday..but that Monday never comes!! Got some inspiration after reading your blog, so would definitely start from the coming Monday 😀

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