What did you do today?

Today was a Saturday! A holiday for S and N. Me – ? I have no holidays! Parenting and having a family is a full-time job.

It was a very windy day outside with winds at 50 km/h but it wasn’t too cold!

The day started with everybody getting what they liked/wanted – N got to see cartoons (he doesn’t get any on weekday mornings) along with his milk and cookies. I got my morning dose of getting up lazily and my morning dose of check-email-and-FB-one-quick-time! 🙂 S got his dose of Euro cup latest and Economic times on the lappy.

Then we had poha with lots of yummy veggies for breakfast. Lunch was a mix of Rajma (red kidney beans), some leftovers and fresh phulkas (Indian bread) and dinner was baked kumara (sweet potato) patties with multigrain bread and shredded cabbage.

In between breakfast and lunch the father and son played battlefield in the living room!! The coffee table and the couch were holding positions from where attacks on the opposite party were launched. All the action figures, cars, toys including guitars were divided equally! N did the honors, thus practicing his maths. But wait a sec how would the teams “attack” each other. Brilliant mommy aka moi came to rescue and suggested scrunched up socks (clean ones) to be used as pretend bombs and thrown at the enemy’s soldiers. Can’t tell you how much the male members loved the idea!! They couldn’t stop rubbing their hands in glee! Then the battle of the kings began and it was raining socks every where. I stayed away lest one fell on me. But it was a very civilized-take-turns type of battle, lol, which eventually turned into a laughter riot!

Moments like this make such fun, warm and happy memories!! Love you S and N!!

Post lunch, S took N out to a play area close by to burn some energy outdoors while I relaxed and caught up with my sis over Facetime. Then N and I played a game of “Keep-the-poly-bag-away-from-the-floor”! The poly bag wasn’t supposed to touch the ground so we kept hitting/throwing it upwards with our hands to keep it in the air! Was fun!!!!!! 🙂

How’s your weekend been? Doing something fun, exciting, boring or challenging??



2 thoughts on “What did you do today?

  1. Love your idea of Keep-the-poly-bag-away-from-the-floor 🙂 We do that with balloons but never tried with a poly. My weekend this time has been full of cleaning and organizing. I finally got around to cleaning up N’s cupboards and sorting stuff to give away, regift, discard, etc. Feels so great!

    • Oh yes Divs, we have done that too with Balloons, but the poly bag was a spontaneous act 🙂 Aah! cleaning and organizing is so liberating! Makes me feel relaxed and in control of my life, lol! That reminds me I need to clean the cupboards too!!

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