Life List! What is in yours?

N and I have been exploring Wellington CBD (Central Business District for the uninitiated) by ourselves. And one of these days I took him to the Museum of Wellington City & Sea. Normally I am not a very enthusiastic lets-go-see-the-museum person as such. But after visiting Te Papa here I decided to check out the other museums here! I had heard that they usually make all places very kid friendly here and after being to 2 or 3 places I would agree strongly. In fact most of the places are very innovative and kid friendly. They are done up in a manner that kids of all ages will find something or the other for themselves and will learn from it or maybe store it in their head somewhere.

One of the ongoing exhibitions in this museum was on “Death and Diversity”. It was in a section where the theme changes almost every month or 2 months I think. They put up exhibits related to the topic and also have seminars, talks by experts in that field and discussions every weekend till the exhibition is running.

While exiting this particular section there was a notice board and drop box where the organizers wanted people to write down their “Life List”. The notice board said “Before you die – what are the things you would like to do or achieve? What legacy would you like to leave behind? Share what is in the top 5 of your Life List.”

That got me thinking! And here is what is in my top 5, in no particular order –

1) Bungee jump and sky dive – at least once, more if I enjoy it and survive the experience!

2) Visit/travel to at least one country on all the continents on earth. Yes even Antarctica. I seriously believe travelling expands horizons, much like reading!

3) Write a book – children’s fiction or adult fiction – not decided yet – and get it published. If no one is ready to do that, then self publish.

4)  Have material possessions only “really needed” (yes I know that’s subjective, so “really needed” as per my standards). Reduce my physical and emotional baggage. Be free!

5) Let people I love, know that I love them and in so many words! I don’t say that often, instead I think I tend to appear as an insensitive, uncaring, strict and shallow person. I would like to express the love that I have for them before I go.

What’s in the top 5 of your life list? Be honest, think and share!

Happy Weekend!!


3 thoughts on “Life List! What is in yours?

  1. The fifth one applies to me as well… there is so much to say to others but very hard to convey…
    Enjoying the virtual trip of new Zealand… Keep writing…

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