Change is permanent they say!! And is inevitable too, so if you are hanging onto something thinking it/he/she is not going to change, chuck that thought 😉

We went through a big change recently, moved from India to New Zealand coz S got an assignment with his current employer. We moved bag and baggage to Wellington, NZ. We packed up whatever we were allowed to carry with us and shipped off the rest to Delhi to S’s parents’ house.

We had to take 3 flights spanning 38 hrs (was supposed to be 32) including a 10 hr stop over at Hong Kong Intl airport. N slept through all the flights without fail. And was a li’l hyper at the stop overs. But the journey, like the other aspects of this trip did not miss out on the adventure quota!

The last flight from Auckland to Wellington took off, it is a 50 minute flying-time journey, then mid way the plane suddenly lurched, I was napping so got up and the pilot announced “Ladies and Gentlemen, there is some disruption due to lightning around Wellington so we will have to take you back to Auckland, will land there in 20 minutes. Thank you for your patience!”  Wow! We got back, had to check out all our 4+ bags out of check in, re-tag them, check them in , do security all over again and board another flight abt 2 hrs later…And the real story, which we found out later, was the plane that we were on, itself was struck by lightning and because of that some fault occurred, but thankfully nothing serious, and Auckland was closer by a hair than Wellington so the pilot was told to return!! What crap!!

Other than that it was all ok 🙂 So I saw 3 or 4 movies back to back in the HK to Auckland 10 hr flight, didn’t feel sleepy. Saw The Dirty Picture, Limitless, We need to talk about Kevin (*ing Tilda Swinton) – offstream pic, well made and a bit of The Woman in Black (*ing Daniel Radcliffe, couldn’t finish this).

It was raining in when we landed in Auckland and cold!! Reached Wellington around 7:30 pm NZT (reminds me of the drug NZT in Limitless) and the serviced apt around 8 pm and the street was deserted. People say that these guys shut down work also early around 4 or 4:30 ish and chill out and tuck in early!

As a first impression, most of the people we saw at Auckland or Wellington airport, were in the 40s to 60s age group, dressed formally in business suits or work attire, power shots types, all in mostly blacks or grey or dark blues. There were very very few kids, teenagers or 30s crowd. I guess it could be because it was a weekday and people were travelling to and fro between Auckland and Wellington after a work day. But it was kinda disheartening at first, lol.

Wellington and its suburbs are settled around a harbor so it makes for a great view. The whole of NZ I have heard is very pretty! The place is a little hilly and looked beautiful at night with all the lights. And it is cold! So say abt 12 to 14 degrees C in the day and lower at night. After Minneapolis doesn’t feel all that much, yet, but peak winters is yet to come. And IT IS windy, very windy. The streets are SFO-ish, up and down, the buses are hooked up to wire cables so reminds me of SFO (Though I haven’t been there but this is based on  whatever I know from people and pics).

On further observation after 2 days, the people seem ok, not too warm, not too cold. They dress in Black and grey and dark blue ONLY! Once in a while you might see a smattering of red or neon green/yellow (the bikers’ jackets), but that is it. I wonder if it’s because of winters. Hopefully it will get better with time. More about Wellington and things/people related to it later!!

N and I are enjoying our new schedule while S slogs it off at work! Hope we get to enjoy and have fun together, soon.

Goodnight. Tada from Down Under!!


6 thoughts on “Kiwiland!

  1. whoa! I came here after a long long time and looks like a lot has changed 🙂
    Good luck in settling down. Hoping to hear more stories from Kiwiland.

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