Do Re Mi….

The other night I was putting N to sleep. Some days it is a quick process but on other days (which outnumber the quick days by a majority) it is a long process. So this particular night was the “long-and-tiresome” one. Thanks to the meet-you-before-you-go-group at home (Ahem, they’ve all come to meet us before we set off for NZ) and all the love they wanted to shower on the grand-child/nephew etc my kid was sugar high and bouncing off walls!

Finally an exasperated me took him to a quiet room for the bedtime routine (which is usually altered to suit the night and my mood). The quick important stuff done and N and I were lying on the bed reading “my” book. His book for the night was done and he insisted I read out loud what I was reading (which btw was The Secret of the Nagas by Amish Tripathi). After a few pages, the book slithered down and I closed my eyes – know that happy stage when you feel sleepy and happy? ya that one!

I suddenly heard someone singing in my dream and they were humming “Do Re Mi” from Sound of Music!! But the humming was closer, more real life and I opened my eyes and I realized N was singing “Me, a name I call myself, Fa a longer way to run…” I was so happy…. didn’t know why, but it made me happy to hear N singing it! He sang the full song twice and I was like where did he learn that and so WELL. I was so proud, my heart swelled with pride, eyes welled up with tears (ok, those who know me, know I can get melodramatic at times, so don’t snigger!)

The next morning I asked N about the song, and he says “My mam at summer camp taught me. She taught me many more!” with the widest grin possible! He then went on to sing “We Rock” by Jonas Brothers and oh boy it was so cute!! More than the music it was the lyrics ~ Come as you are, You’re a super star. World in your pocket, And you know it ~  and the attitude that had me smitten!! 🙂


On the last day of summer camp N says in the morning “I don’t want to go to school maama.” I give him that “don’t-start-that-with-me-now-N” look and he sits down on his knees and says “I really really don’t want to go to school maama, I beg you!” I was like WTH, now where did we learn that from. But it worked! The whole doe-eyed look with the going down on knees along with the I-beg-you was enough and I relented and said ok you can stay at home. But I thought I would call up his teacher and let her know that he won’t be coming in since they had rehearsals for the summer camp finale going on. I called her and she says its ok, N knows his part very well and so its ok if he doesn’t come in. Then she tells me he sings very well and has no stage fear! I say “I know he loves being on stage” 🙂 She says “That reminds me, I told him the other day, N you are very handsome!” And he put his hands in his jean pockets and replies promptly “I know, ha ha ha!” I thought to myself, What a narcissistic little imp this one is, no thank you , no being modest etc just “I know!” Pata nahi kispe gaya hai, :p


N’s summer camp at Tulip Gear had its finale today for the 1st camp. They sang and danced to a variety of songs from, “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine”, “Do Re Mi”, “Waka Waka” by Shakira to “We Rock” by Jonas Brothers. And they did it so well 🙂 I really admire the summer camp teachers for all the effort they put in – it was a simple, soulful and super fun act and the kids seemed to be enjoying themselves the most!!! One of the best ever school functions I have attended 🙂 Wish N could continue his schooling here or at least join this school again once we are back!! Fingers crossed 😉


One thought on “Do Re Mi….

  1. Lovely. And N looks super cute in the pics. BTW, which school is that? Now that we are also in the process of school-hunting, a “good-school” recommendation from an experienced Mom would be great.

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