It was raining outside, the droplets were crashing onto the window and then sliding down effortlessly.

She looked at him. He was sleeping. The room silent except for the monotonous mechanical whirring of the fan overhead.

He turned onto his back, she smiled. She loved looking at him, his face, his eyes – full of mystery and passion, they were her favorite part and she would linger on them, the longest. He scratched the 1-day-stubble while sleeping. She smiled again, and touched his cheeks. His lips curved into a smile, the kinds that caused wrinkles at the corners of his eyes, but he didn’t open his eyes. She moved her fingers through his hair then her hands moved down to his neck and then the taut shoulders and chest. She put her head down on his chest. He wrapped his loose arm around her, kissed on her forehead.

He opened his eyes and they looked at each other…. they didn’t need to say it in words!


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