Want to run, want to fly!

Want to touch the sky, sing out loud, dance in the rain!

And there has to be appropriate background music a-la-bollywood-style while doing all of this! LOL

I was never too much into listen-to-music-every-breathing-moment earlier but now I seemed to have transformed into a I-need-music-always-person. Wonder what has changed in the last few weeks, months 😐 Maybe its just a hormonal change 😉

But seriously life is beautiful, busy and bustling with things that I need to do before doomsday 😉

As fate/destiny/kismet/whatever-you-call-it would have it we are moving to New Zealand by the end of this month. S accepted a new position/role with his current company and so we are moving! So its relocating time all over again (the pain err work associated with that is material for another post at another time). I am excited, have always liked to travel and live at new places.

But there are a few things I HAVE to do before I leave Bangalore –

– Watch an IPL Match live in Chinnaswamy stadium !

– Eat breakfast at the Egg Factory

– Take a ride in the Bangalore Metro

– Go shopping in Garuda Mall – have always loved that mall

– Meet my gang of college girl friends whom I haven’t met for a long time

– Go to Skye Bar, UB City

– Go to Chancery for their midnight buffet

As Paulo Coelho says “Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”  Here’s to many more “experiences”!!


7 thoughts on “Want to run, want to fly!

  1. Herez wishing all the very best to Sim!!! Love yu babes. Distances and time can make no difference to the bond that a hostelier would feel. Stay at home, college goers would never learn of our lill’ secret.

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