Summer holidays – Day 1 check!

Yes the much awaited (by N) and much dreaded (by me and hopefully a lot of other moms) summer holidays have begun!

And just so that you get a background before you go on and read this full post, they are an astounding 81 days long!! I mean when did we have such long summer holidays? I don’t remember them being so long, they used to whizz by! Oh! maybe my mom remembers them being so long :p

Note to self – Check with mom about what she used to do with the 2 of us (me and my sister)!

So day 1 was successfully dealt with. I got to go to the gym in the morning, thanks to some very trustworthy house-helps – the cook and the maid. God bless them! Did my cardio session today and felt great. Followed by an efficient round of time spent at work where I got a whole lot done. N did his colouring and playing with cars (don’t know whats with boys and wheels – anything with wheels will do) while I was working. He did his bit to “help mamma” by putting in the clothes into the washing machine and was very proud of being the man-of-the-house while daddy was away!

Took N down to the pool for swim and some splashy fun. He enjoyed it thoroughly with his friend P! Got back, had lunch and put a super tired kid for a nap. Worked a couple more hours and got my round of calls for the day done while the kid was asleep. I love talking (for those who don’t know me). N went down to the play area in the evening with another great friend of his A didi. They came back hand-in-hand-all-happy-wanting-more! But had to tell them that’s it for the day!

Now we are waiting for S to return home after a 5 day work trip! We missed you!!!

Hopefully the next 80 days shall pass by like a breeze too. Expecting too much am I? πŸ˜‰

What are you planning to do in the summer holidays?Β 


4 thoughts on “Summer holidays – Day 1 check!

  1. Me? I will be giving birth to a baby boy, then will go grade-A-crazy between taking care of an infant, toddler, husband and settling down in a whole new country. Sounds like a plan eh? Let’s see if I get through the year saying “get me the gun”.
    And honestly, day 1 of N’s summer didn’t sound bad. And if u guys want to travel this summer, u know my doors are open πŸ™‚

    • What?? :O When did that happen? :O Awesome girl!! Congratulations. You are so brave to go for another one, am proud of you. Nice plan but you are allowed to crib and vent whenever u want and will keep u away from the gun lol. thanks for the offer , shall make use of it when needed πŸ˜‰

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