Happy :)

This weekend was an action packed one (as I like most of my weekends to be!) If I could, I would fit in 100 things to do every weekend πŸ™‚

Saturday morning was spent in frantic attempts to get organic holi colours to play holi in the apartment complex (yes we decided on a convenient-for-all day to play rather than the actual one). N wanted to play and I rushed to nearby stores to grab some colour which I did get after stopping at about 3 of them! The colours, music and food – all awesome! Had a tough time cleaning up but looked far better than a few people I know – courtesy “pakka” rang as we know it! Noon passed in a much-needed blissful nap. It did help that I was off from work πŸ˜‰

I love impromptu plans and so movie-watching happened that night with friends. Saw Kahaani the new Bidya Bagchi, err Vidya Balan starrer! Awesome movie, awesom-er cinematography which captured the City of Joy so beautifully. Brought back memories of the time I spent as a child in Barrackpore with frequent trips to the erstwhile Calcutta. I remember the tram rides and Victoria Memorial very vividly!! πŸ™‚

Sunday morning was spent in some house hunting, we are looking at taking that big step of buying something in Bangalore. Liked one, lets see if that works out. Fingers crossed! N’s school had an open house this weekend so we went. And it was lovely to see all that he does at school. He was so enthusiastic about showing us what he does with each of the Montessori materials, it was very satisfying to see him happy so much so that he wanted to spend the rest of the day at school πŸ™‚

Dragged a half-happy, half-sad kid home and then took him down to the play area to spend some quality time. It does work man, coz before we got back home N ran up to me and gave me a tiny white flower (which he explicitly stated that he had picked up from the grass and not plucked) and a kiss too saying “I love you Mamaa”. Made the time spent totally worth it!!

And as if the Gods were extra happy, I chatted with a friend who I hadn’t been in touch with since a long time (But that didn’t change things) Β πŸ™‚ Β She wanted me to make a trip to see her, saying “IΒ think you are what I need! AΒ big dose of Simran. We can go dance on table tops!!” Β I think its going to be one of those things someone says to you and you tuck them in one corner of your head for moments when you want to feel happy. They make you feel like your life was well lived!! Love you girl, Muah!!



12 thoughts on “Happy :)

  1. So nice to see you blogging again Simran, missed reading you :). Sounds like you had a fun weekend, to many more such, and more blogging about them too!

  2. hey welcome back! somehow missed your comeback posts..now catching up..nice to read you after long..
    So, N goes to a Montessori? We have enrolled R too in one.

    • Yes N started M1 last year on Sarjapur road. But have moved him out to HSR Layour now – same school different branch!
      And thanks πŸ™‚ Am yet to catch up on reading.

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