Why do I love being a curator?

Someone asked me the other day, “So what do you actually do at your work place?” And I said (to keep it simple) “I window shop online and pick and choose people who make beautiful products!”. I was met with a slow nod and a very amused expression. And then they asked me “Why do you love being a curator?”

I pondered over the question for a bit (I usually am not that patient and think as I speak) and I told them –

– I love the feeling of being surrounded by all things pretty! 🙂

– Love meeting and talking to such creative and enthusiastic people every day and am surprised by how much talent is out there. Each one waiting to be discovered. I have a great relationship with a lot of my sellers and hope to carry that beyond the workplace.

– I get a high (the kind that makes you happy and beaming with pride) when a seller I have been following up with for a long time finally comes on board and they bring along with them such unique lovely products!

– The thrill when my new seller makes their first sale is addictive! Totally!!

– The exposure to working of different departments in an e-com portal is simply great. Broadens horizons.

– My colleagues are some of the best people in their respective fields  and super fun to work with. I have made friends for keeps on this job 🙂

– My job takes me to places and events I would not have discovered otherwise maybe ….. so more fun and shopping too 😛

– And the bonus 😉 – I get to shop from a cool and fun website with a huge collection of  awesome products! No I am not pimping my website, but I actually am one of the top 5 shoppers on the portal , ya I know am a true shop-a-holic, Pssst don’t tell anyone!


What do you think? I would love to know.

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