Met Mr Karnad!

I went to Ranga Shankara last weekend to see this play called “Bikhre Bimb“. It is directed by Girish Karnad and assistant director KM Chaitanya. Arundhati Nag solo acts and enacts the role of a female Kannada short story writer who suddenly becomes famous after writing a novel in English, post her sister’s death. How her reflection/conscience forces her to reflect and share her story, makes the play.

The play was originally written in Kannada by Girish Karnad. It was then translated into English by him and into Hindi by Padmavati Rao. If you remember those Doordarshan days then you will certainly be able to recall Girish Karnad & Malgudi Days where he played Swami’s father. In recent times, I remember him being in the Nagesh Kukunoor movie Iqbal where he plays the role of a villain-ish cricket coach to perfection. He is also the narrator for some stories in the audiobook series for children Karadi Tales.

My mother and I watched the play and loved it! Once it was over we walked out of the theatre and were waiting for our pick-up – a very cute 2 and 1/2 year old and a handsome grown up *wink. I turn around with that just-looking-around-doing-nothing look and I see Girish Karnad walking about and talking to some friends. I had my camera with me and I approached him. He very graciously and in his soft and modest sounding voice accepts the compliments on directing a very nice play and then smiles to pose with me 🙂

Here is the man himself –

And here is me with him.

I know I know! The shot is blurred and not worthy of being put up on a blog; thanks to a fancy DSLR with settings that need to be changed with every slight environment change unless you are on auto mode. But what the heck? It will be enough to jog my memory 🙂

Nice play though. Try to catch it if you can when it comes up next time.


18 thoughts on “Met Mr Karnad!

  1. Great to hear about the play Simran.. and that’s so brilliant meeting Mr. Karnad himself!!! Hazy or not, this is definitely a photo to treasure :).

    And don’t get me started on camera settings, my wonderful 21x zoom camera(point and shoot only!) sometimes fails me so badly on auto, i have to start exploring those other modes soon :(.

    • 🙂 I know Aparna but the grass seems greener always on the other side. When u are on those advanced modes then u run the risk of blurred shots like this, esp when u give your camera to someone else to click. And on auto modes one tends to not fully use the camera or get the same kind of pictures everytime 😦

  2. Lucky You, I must say…Atleast you remembered to click. I would have been too much awestruck to react. Met up with Mrs Kiran Bedi at a Mall where she was helping with a fashion show put up by an NGO that she supports. Gugli shook hands and I lost my presence of mind, dint click a pikture. 🙂

  3. Wow! That’s awesome Simran. Girish Karnad is so very talented – it must been great to meet him. Its been very long since I’ve been to RS – should go there again.

    • Yes, it was a pleasure meeting him. He looked so active and energetic at the same time calm – and not to forget he is 73 years old.
      On a side note, your comment has come in as “Anonymous” so don’t really know who you are friendly stranger 🙂

  4. man, you are tall. remind me to drag along a stool to stand upon when we meet.

    and yes mr.karnad is awesome, as is arundhati nag.

    grateful for a space like rangashankara and the quality productions they put up. we have been there like 50 times, every time its for the kids only. should check out the grown up stuff some time..

  5. He he! Pictures sometimes misrepresent reality. Not that tall at all 😉 And yes! I am discovering RS slow and steady. Wud love to start taking N as soon as he matches the age criteria.

  6. Wow Simran – great to hear you are able to take out time for things like these. What a refreshing change…must be nice having parents around for these things na? And you look awesome (so does Mr. Karnad ofcourse!)

    • Thank you Divya! I think or rather I felt that Mr Karnad is a very soft spoken and humble man both on screen and off. And I have always liked that smile of his 🙂 Yes having mom around is a big help. N and her click well so its easy for us to step out. But for this particular occasion the hubby was baby sitting while mom and I went.

  7. The blur makes him look like Richard Gere methinks 🙂
    Agree about Girish Karnad, thorough gentleman.
    He is usually around, for feedback, at the end of plays he’s directed. He used to jog in the mornings (for those in the JP Nagar-Jayanagar area 😉 ) don’t know if he still does though

    Arundhati Nag is amazing. I’m a huge fan

    Spoke to MS Sathyu again today (have met him 2-3 times before), after ‘Amrita’ – the play was awesome. Let me see if I get around to blogging about it.

    RS is the best thing that has happened to Bangalore in recent times IMO

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