Story Telling at Hippocampus this weekend

Storytelling – For age groups 4 to 6 years and 7 to 9 years on Sunday, 28th Aug. Last date to register is 26th Aug 2011 by 3:00 pm.

Storytelling Workshop – For ages 18 and up on Saturday, 27th Aug.

Storytelling at schools – For ages 3 to 14 on 25th and 26th Aug. Speak to their coordinator for details.

For all details check out this post on the Hippocampus blog.


5 thoughts on “Story Telling at Hippocampus this weekend

    • N doesn’t fit the age criteria. He’ll turn 3 in Oct this year. I don’t think they’ll relax the age criteria by a whole year so maybe another time when he’s closer to the age limit.
      As for the story telling workshop I would love to but have a whole lot of other stuff going on right so not this weekend.
      Are you? * smiles with the thought of meeting you there*

  1. might not, the younger one has piano lessons around that time, so. older one will not fit into age criteria (from the end other than yours though!)

  2. but hey we live in hippo otherwise – very high chance of bumping into us there. the folks know us well since i have done a bunch of workshops for them so you could even ask for us.

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