Would you…

… Rather get close and be insulted OR step back and stay happy?

… Blame and punish others because of your own insecurities OR be brave and accept that you have shortcomings too?

… Pass on your opinions, fears, likes and dislikes to your kids deliberately OR let them decide for themselves?

… Embrace and accept another person the way they are (no matter how different) OR would you stay away from them unless they become what you want them to?

What would you do?


9 thoughts on “Would you…

  1. hmm..food for thought..
    Maybe I tether somewhere in between both the extremes. I am generally a kind of person who will back off at the slightest hint of the other person’s non-responsive behaviour. But with maybe close friends and dear ones, I might try to get closer and understand better…

    • Me too. I back off when I see the other person doesn’t care. But sometimes you want a relationship to work and it hurts when the other person adopts a “I-couldn’t-care-less-about-you”. That’s when I step back! Don’t know till what extent trying is right.

  2. I have to agree with Uma here.. have been holding on commenting on this one as i wanted to keep re-reading it and understand better :).

    My first instinct would be:
    Step back
    Be brave
    Let them decide
    Embrace and Accept

    Seems very contradictory between choices but that’s how life is i guess !!

    • I know Aparna… when I was writing this it all just came out in a single shot but then I read and re-read it to understand and absorb! Life is all about making the right choices at that time I guess!

  3. First one is tough, rest are simpler.

    If it is someone who matters, then I’d try to resolve the misunderstanding… because someone who matters wouldn’t insult in the first place, atleast not intentionally.

    Like you said, it is with people you don’t know too well that it is tough. Do you give them the benefit of the doubt? If so, how many times? The right thing would probably be to not let another person affect how we are at all, just go on being the same person regardless – I haven’t reached that state myself.
    I read this beautiful metaphor in Vibha’s story http://bitestories.blogspot.com/2011/03/special-moment.html

    • Thank you so much for pointing out that story to me A! Loved it and is exactly the motivation I needed. But to reach that stage will take hard work because natural human emotions come into play. But to try is in our hands!

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